April Fool’s Day - Forum Competition!

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April Fool’s Day - Forum Competition! 

Unlike what the Walkers have, this is something we want to be contagious - laughter!

For this years April Fool’s Day we are kicking off a small competition here on the Forum. To participate, in this thread below write your best idea for a prank you’d pull in the game in honour of April Fool’s day.

ONE entry per person. All participants will receive a special Forum badge, and three winners will be picked to get an in-game radio bundle!

Winners will be chosen by the NML team, so bring your A-game. 

Competition starts now and ends on Wednesday 6.4.2022 at 12PM UTC. Winners will be announced on Friday 8.4.2022 here in this same thread.

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  • DustyplainsDustyplains Member Posts: 1
    Rubber weapons. Everything would still work but some or all weapons would be floppy 
  • olewearolewear Member Posts: 24
    Best prank would be to swap the heroes and their classes, e.g. make Mercer a Bruiser, Sasha a Scout, …
  • johnmcginn77johnmcginn77 Member Posts: 4
    edited April 4
    The 'Why Are You Attacking Yourself?' Prank. All attacks from heroes affect that hero and not the walkers e.g. If Sasha is equipped with the Harpoon Gun she would root herself when using a charge attack, Yumiko would attack herself and get attacked by all other ranged members of her team too, Alpha would set herself on fire when using the Festive Shotgun etc. 

  • find2046find2046 Member Posts: 135
    how about eliminate all guild? 
    capibaraLady J
  • ShianShian Member Posts: 146
    edited April 1
    Switch every single hero leader trait to each other but still keep the description said how the trait are supposed to work
    For example Sasha on bodyshot gain Charge point but being randomly switched to Tara Healing Charge but the description is still said that you gain Charge point from bodyshot
    Each time you play a mission it will randomized 
    Lady JMalarky
  • capibaracapibara Member Posts: 7,087
    vnicat46 said:
    İ think it will be geat prank if walkers dont get any damage
    i vote this ..that would be a funny challenge 😂😂
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  • Phalanx44Phalanx44 Member Posts: 365
    The 'Server Error' prank;
    Run a script that forces every player to replay the introduction mission on their first start up of the day, as if their account was reset, and a new game was started, but after completion, you return to your normal camp and progress state. The bonfire can then show a notification icon showing an April Fool's message.
  • AndréPAndréP Member Posts: 1
    A new free weapon:  The big fish!
    ATLAS-ZLady J
  • vnicat46vnicat46 Member Posts: 2
    capibara said:
    vnicat46 said:
    İ think it will be geat prank if walkers dont get any damage
    i vote this ..that would be a funny challenge 😂😂
    Thanks for vote :)
  • LeeInTheActionLeeInTheAction Member Posts: 2
    How about this, players will get notified that the game has an update and they can choose between updating the game or close the game.
    If they update the game (and they will have to) a simple loading bar will appear,  however it will not load, nor update anything, small text will appear on top of the loading bar giving players  tips on how to avoid walkers, after the update ends, u will get a pop up message saying " you're now infected"  the screen will look a bit more reddish and all text including names will be changed to  zombie noise text... Perhaps "Raaahhhh" or Wwrhhaaa" and finally at the end of the day things will go back to normal
  • midgetrappermidgetrapper Member Posts: 1
    I think a good prank would be if Raiders reanimated as walkers. Even a player's own dead characters could reanimate.
    capibaraLeeInTheActionLady J
  • Pain WalkerPain Walker Content Creator Posts: 2,647
    I would have a link in News Section linking to this Forum Thread telling them the game is shutting down... and even add a pic of it so they click on the link and find out a News Hub exists now!

    Probably making a video!

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  • Lady JLady J Member Posts: 227
    Announce that next update will improve the jackpot weekend event: a lot more jackpots with unbelievable amounts of radios and gold, fragments, components, legendary (and outstanding) gear, tools… 😜😂

  • WattlaueferWattlauefer Member Posts: 239
    add several special walkers with 1 heal point and low damage to maps, e.g. in outpost
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