***Protection - ideal talents by class***

Hey guys, I need your help!

now, with the insertion of new talents, I would like to know, what are the main characteristics that a protective vest should have (by class)?

ahhh, and not worth mentioning the infused protections! But I know they are the best! These items have already been offered and there is no way to purchase!

I count on your wisdom to help me!

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  • echonapechonap Member Posts: 174
    silver hazard suit
    gold ruthless
    gold primed

    silver doesn’t matter
    gold ruthless
    gold primed

    silver dodge or health
    gold hazard suit
    gold primed
  • arqbsarqbs Member Posts: 34
    @echonap gave some solid suggestions, if you're looking specifically for Primed Armor. I would just like to point out that Primed isn't great for every situation, like when you're herding or if there is an exploding walker. 

    I would also like to add that for Shooter, Assaults, and Hunters you would probably prefer Silver Stun Resistance in case you are dealing with a Goo walker.
    and in the other classes, which do you think is better?
    feel free to expose your ideas, here is the place where we can exchange experiences!

    *** Vencedor do "Dream Challenge II Community Contest - Fase: Cable Ties" ***
  • ShadowWalkerShadowWalker Member Posts: 1,113
    Well since the Primed Armors were already covered, then I'll go over the ideal Armors if you're not using Primed.

    Gold Ruthless, Gold Hazard Suit, Silver Dodge

    Bruisers/Defensive Assaults*:
    Gold Hazard Suit, Gold Dodge, Silver Stun or Health

    *Hazard Suit isn't typically found on ranged armor, but I think it could be found in the Black Market or GW shop.

    Shooters/Hunters/Offensive Assaults:
    Gold Ruthless (Nothing else matters, but again you would probably prefer Stun Resistance for dealing with Goos)

    One last thing, Silver Wrestler isn't a bad option for glass cannons for GW or in the Last Stand.

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