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  • olewearolewear Member Posts: 24
    How do you determine the components of real money bundles? I assume there are slots. Are these slots filled randomly?
  • TRIADATRIADA Member Posts: 8
    I love this game and I have a lot of questions. However, I've always wondered how developers react to the unique bugs in the game that players use? Do you praise them for their intelligence or are you thinking about how to block them as soon as possible?
  • Alex_Flex01Alex_Flex01 Member Posts: 1
    You promised to block users from Russia and Belarus. Why haven't you done it yet?
  • HellJesus_HellJesus_ Member Posts: 19
    Is it possible to exchange resources within a guild? let's say someone has a lot of tools and is willing to share some of their tools with their friends 
  • JalalJalal Member Posts: 3
    Any plans to revisit Jerry’s lead traits? He’s probably the least used hero in the game but he’s still around in the show after all! 
  • JalalJalal Member Posts: 3
    Any plans to add a feature to customize weapons, badges’ re-roll fashion or heroes’ traits, with specific tokens?
  • NoiseratingNoiserating Member Posts: 189
    Who in your team had the brillant Idea to put rats with guns on the walls of the basecamp?

     Why no one in the team thought stopping him?  :)
  • cousindavetheclowncousindavetheclown Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1
    Will you ever release a Dale or Herschel?  Will we ever be able to fully customize a character and change the facial features? I want to make a guy with a mohawk.
  • euchideuchid Member Posts: 393
    Does the Crimson Harpoon Gun have a hidden trait like incendiary?
  • echonapechonap Member Posts: 199
    How many of the community ideas actually get considered? Not bugs, or QoL improvements, but actual creative ideas like new traits, new gear, or new features. Does someone identify the best ones from the forum and bring them to the team for a vote? What determines what actually gets included in a release?
  • MrLuckyMrLucky Member Posts: 760
    Any plans to rework Hunter Daryl's Hero Trait!?   ;) 
  • MrLuckyMrLucky Member Posts: 760
    ... oh and does anyone drive a Karmann Ghia?
  • NoiseratingNoiserating Member Posts: 189
    Please remove the fact that you can't play with Defender from Outpost. This block 3 characters for nothing.

     Make it as Guild War Defenders instead

    Thank you  <3 
  • DresdenDresden Member Posts: 70
    @Lexia What is best in life?
  • liorsalmanliorsalman Member Posts: 296
    Since I am QA in myself how much team members in the QA team with all the bugs in the game 😁
  • BigBobBigBob Member Posts: 120
    So now that NetFlix owns you will you be changing support and admin positions? Oh yeah the name? Maybe NeXt Walking Dead? 😂
  • BigBobBigBob Member Posts: 120
    @NoFovos change the speed to 2x, only does it on 1x.
  • CaptnCaptn Member Posts: 1
    Pourrait-on avoir un mode de jeu où l’on affronte directement un joueur réel comme une prise de drapeaux à aller chercher dans le camp de l’autre ?
  • BlackFBlackF Member Posts: 51
    1) Do some of you play this game? And by playing i dont mean you play it here and there for a bit. I mean every game mode as long as possible (finish challenge, last stand, GW island 20, ...).

    2) If first question is a no, then why dont you take a few of the top players and let them test all those things like 2 weeks before releasing it for the rest?
    For examples new/changed leader traits or traits per se. Weapons, armors, ...

    3) Can you bring back the deadly missions? No heroes allowed, would be fun. 

    4) Will the GW beta version ever be gone? You're always bringing out more and more stuff (i really like many of this), but it seems to me, you dont wanna end this beta version we have since about 2 years now.

  • DyAmondDyAmond Member Posts: 96
    Theres any plan on adding Héroes from past Seasons? Like Simon, Oceanside Girls or even Alt Heroes like Tara, Aaron or Shane?

  • JohnderJohnder Member Posts: 7
    They plan to add more suits to non-hero survivors or lower the price of these since very few are interested in spending large amounts of gold on those suits, in addition to the fact that there is little variety to buy
  • RocketRacoonRocketRacoon Member Posts: 9
    Will Flaming crossbow pistol with cripple and intrupt morning star would be made available in BM in future? If yes when we can expect them to available
  • NovellNovell Member Posts: 394

    Season 11 will end soon... what are your plans for season missions...

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  • capibaracapibara Member Posts: 7,147
    Why instead to have double heroes.. Rick Maggie.. Daryl etc.. we have not the others hero from the Show?

    And.. can you finally reveal if @Teeceezy was Stu? 😜


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  • deividaclimadeividaclima Member Posts: 38
    I believe that developers team is using  agile metodology to game development.

    How it works?

    How is separate the squad?

    How is planned the sprints?

    Tell me more about this please.
  • n00bn00b Member Posts: 83
    Are there any chances to see telltale characters in NML or from any other walking dead universe?
  • wttan5wttan5 Member Posts: 11
    Is there any event that developers and users/gamers/players do/get together?
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 3,221
    Are you all back in the office full time now? 
    Are you allowed music in the office?
    if so what type of music is played?
    if not, what sort of music would be played if you could? 
  • WattlaueferWattlauefer Member Posts: 245
    edited May 2022
    1. do you plan any kind of update for outpost? (e.g. stronger walkers or new walkers)
    2. can we have a feature to test our own outpost?
    3. possible to play the story mission chapter 1- 15. maybe the way no gas needed but also no reward or exp. just for fun.
  • FuriousMoldovanFuriousMoldovan Member Posts: 2,296
    Firekid said:
    if not, what sort of music would be played if you could? 

    "AC/DC - I'm on the Highway to Hell"? 

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