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  • ShadowWalkerShadowWalker Member Posts: 1,209
    Does @Fluxxx have any tattoos we can't see in the updates videos? 👀

    If we buy enough Survival Passes will he get a full body tattoo?
  • warlock1271warlock1271 Member Posts: 224
    Can you give normal survivors same body shot levels as heroes?  To make them a little more useful again.

  • bantamguardianbantamguardian Member Posts: 2
    Is there a possibility of viewing a battle live during war, or watching replays for war and outpost?
  • bantamguardianbantamguardian Member Posts: 2
    A spinoff/special event could be where we play special infected.
  • dragonantdragonant Member Posts: 1
    Any way we can redo the Chapter Missions - or even get a harder level?
  • liorsalmanliorsalman Member Posts: 296
    there is a chance that the development team will develop another mode with separate lead boards for expert mode in last stand?
  • LexiaLexia Community Manager Posts: 1,128
    @Lexia since the cat is out of the bag - how much coffee the team consumes in a day? 🤣
    Good question, and Finland is known for being the biggest consumer of coffee 👀

    I'd say it depends a bit on the time of the year here in Finland! Winter time we might have sun for as little as 5h during the day (or not at all in the North), but during Summer it can be light out for 20h (or 24/7 up North)! We also do have the occasional energy drink here and there, but I'd say roughly each person consumes 2 coffees per day, quite a few probably a bit more.

    Most common form is filter coffee, but we do have some coffee enthusiasts that like speciality coffees. Just remember to not drink Cappuccinos after noon, our Italian colleague does not approve 😄 If you dare, feel free to try out coffee with tonic water and ice, as one of our team members enjoys to do every now and then ☕️🧊
  • liorsalmanliorsalman Member Posts: 296
    Do you guys familiar with black coffee ☕️ 😁I drink one in the morning and one after lunch and is keeping me all day 😎
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    Yeroc said:
    Was wondering if the developers could find a second use for supplies. Once all buildings are completed supplies are not used for much. Perhaps they could find another use for them. Perhaps convert to gold after a certain amount reached or exchange for gas. Or better yet how about using them to reply Chapters mission as a type of buy in. Could consider it a type of ticket exchange to re-enter the missions. And what type of pastries do you all have at your morning coffee meetings
    We have gotten this feedback a few times before, also about some other resources like eg. Hero Tokens, and have also discussed the matter every now and then with the team. 

    Generally speaking we aim to add a new council level every year, which means the need for eg. supplies & XP will come up. With our most recent update (5.0 Survival Pass), we also included a new Black Market shop offer which gives the opportunity to use Trade Goods to buy Survival Points. These sort of additions where you can use some resources to get something else eg. in the Shop, could be something we may look into. We do welcome more suggestions on that, and let's see what interesting ideas we could look into more! 🙂

    Second question about pastries during morning meetings - we drink coffee.. 😅
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    CoNe_PR said:
    Question in English: What do you take into account when including new characters?

    There are various things that we consider, but some of the mains ones are:
    • What are some fan favorites or frequently requested characters by the community
    • What could bring more balance to the game
    • What is relevant and happening in the show itself at the time, and check with AMC on their thoughts on the matter
    So as mentioned, these are the main ones, but we do have quite a lot of other things as well that we keep in mind when making a decision on who to had and when 🙂
  • FluxxxFluxxx Community Manager, Staff Posts: 1,114
    masmith93 said:
    Favorite weapon by class?

    There was a player survey done a few years ago and if I recall correctly, one of the questions asked about being able to customize weapon/armor traits. Will that ever be a possibility? 
    Different for each person on the team, so I'll go with mine :) Now these aren't necessarily weapons I consider to be the best in class for myself, but I have different kinds of attachments to the weapons since I've worked on some more than others.

    Hunters: Ornate Shotgun - definitely one of my favorite ones aesthetically speaking.
    Shooters: Pulverizer - because explosions, duuh
    Assaults: Pickle Jar - I personally hate pickles, so I think throwing them at walkers is the best use for them
    Scouts: Bayonet Musket - shoot + stab = versatility
    Warriors: Dragon's Tongue - it's awesome, and it was the highlight campaign weapon I introduced in my first update video :)
    Bruisers: Death Jam!

    Finally, we almost certainly won't implement a feature for customizing equipment traits.
  • LexiaLexia Community Manager Posts: 1,128
    CoNe_PR said:
    Otra consulta que tengo... siempre nos quedan algunas monedas de guerra que no alcanzan para nada en la tienda... no podrían poner algo para poder gastarlas o que se mantengan para acumularse en la próxima temporada?
    Question in English: Another question I have... we always have some war coins (RP) left that are not enough in the store... could you put something to spend them or keep them to accumulate in the next season?

    Most likely we won't change so that you can keep the RP for the next season, but maybe offers could be a bit different so the remaining points could be used differently. Not something we are actively looking into, but suggestions are always welcome
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    Do you plan on adding heroes from FTWD, TWD: World Beyond and Telltale’s TWD? Would it even be possible to add heroes from Telltale’s TWD? Like Lee, Clementine, Kenny etc..
    It is technically possible, but each case would need to be discussed and agreed upon separately with the different companies involved. So it's not quite straight forward in that sense, but not impossible 🙂
  • FluxxxFluxxx Community Manager, Staff Posts: 1,114
    edited May 2022
    What’s the process for deciding the hero trait of a new hero? And how long does it take to create a new hero?
    Generally these are the factors, but the weight of each factor varies case by case
    • Player requests/suggestions
    • Gaps/imbalances in the game meta
    • Synergy with other new/recent features that were introduced
    • Relevance to the character in the show
    Duration also depends on the hero, it can be between 1-3 weeks. Typically characters with long hair take longer :D 
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    kmr said:
    How many members consists the NML development team?
    How many of them have active nml game account? 
    How many of them reached camp level 78?
    We have a bunch of different people working in the NML team. Some of the different departments are art, programming, live operations, marketing, QA and so on.

    Everyone has an NML player account, and a handful are at the max level 😎
  • LexiaLexia Community Manager Posts: 1,128
    When you kill walkers what is the first set of numbers shown? It's usually in the 30,000 point range.
    That would be the damage to the enemy 💯
  • FluxxxFluxxx Community Manager, Staff Posts: 1,114
    Gallifrey said:
    Will it be possible to create an intraguild market who can allowed to trade gas tools tokens weapons jackets with other players of our team? 
    An intraguild market is not in our plans right now.
  • FluxxxFluxxx Community Manager, Staff Posts: 1,114
    Phalanx44 said:
    @Lexia would there ever be a consideration to remove Outpost from the game entirely (since the code for it was developed by another team, and won't be augmented, it can no longer be kept up with other aspects of the game)?
    No, while we don't actively iterate on the Outpost, there is a significant percentage of our player base playing it and benefitting from it. 
  • ShianShian Member Posts: 146
    Can we have the actual online PVP gamemode ? unlike outpost mode when your guys are just bot , we want a mode where players can actually VS players and if maybe added a coop mission , 3 player 1 team each player can chose thiers best guy and 1 will randomly being chose as Leader to earn the Lead Trait , maybe not 3 but 4 5 or 6 player in a coop mission
  • fragcandancefragcandance Member Posts: 39
    Thank you, very interesting event-).

    My question - do NG consider making melee classes strong again? 
    1. Bruisers cannot survive any attack from high level walkers. Yes, new shield makes them playable in some challenge missions, but the class is weak. Why not to boost their health so that they can probably survive at least 1 attack from 52-54 zombies? BTW, first aid kits are useless because no heroes who can survive it -)
    2. Scouts used to have an advantage of huge damage, as a compensation for low health and melee risk. Today their damage is hilarious compared with Mercer+Umiko. Maybe it is time to introduce some perks/heroes/class features for scout to provide damage on %-of-HP basis just like Mercer?

    I would be happy to play Rick again who can one-hit 54-lvl spike while covered by tough Eugene.  
  • LexiaLexia Community Manager Posts: 1,128
    zbot said:
    What happened to the trait double tap?  When will it be released?

    This is from quite awhile back, but generally speaking it was too complicated to implement, as well as overall inconsistent with the game and gameplay
  • FluxxxFluxxx Community Manager, Staff Posts: 1,114
    Hi! How is the process to create a new weapon?
    First we have to come up with an idea and decide if that idea actually makes sense. 

    Next step is to figure out the thing that makes the new weapon to stand out from the rest.
    What is the thing that makes it interesting and unique. New functionality? Perhaps it's a cool weapon that has been seen in the series? Existing visual theme that we could match? Could it be new take of one of the existing weapons (e.g. Firework bazooka)?

    Then we need to come up with a rough concept art and find references. After that we use 3D modelling programs to model the high detailed version and low detailed version that is going to be the in-game model.

    Next step is texturing, where we paint the textures and transfer details from the high detailed model through process called baking. After textures are done we take the weapon back to a 3D program and render out the image for the 2D icon.

    Then the model, textures and icon gets transferred to the game engine where our developers implement it and check that it works as it should be. Sometimes a new weapon might need a new visual effects or animations. We try to take those into consideration from the early on so we can ensure that they all match together. 

  • fragcandancefragcandance Member Posts: 39
    Another question - outpost mode. 
    Even if you do not consider serious re-design of this mode, could you improve ranking system, so that the player while he progresses in rank, would face harder opponents?

  • FluxxxFluxxx Community Manager, Staff Posts: 1,114
    xeniia said:
    Are you considering adding a female bruiser hero? 
    Yes we are considering it :)
  • LexiaLexia Community Manager Posts: 1,128
    Daiiko said:
    C'est bien de sortir de nouveau trait pour les personnages. Mais vous allez les ajouter quand dans les bonus badges ?!!!
    Question in English: It's good to come out with new traits for the characters. But when are you going to add them to the bonus badges?!!!

    We have been discussing it, but haven't made any decisions as of yet. It could be something we look into in the near future
  • LexiaLexia Community Manager Posts: 1,128
    ANGPalmY said:
    What idea does your team choose to create new weapons in the game and will it be possible If the community has participated in creating new weapons or voted for new weapons in the game?  :)
    Fluxxx already answered in an earlier comment about the creation of weapons (check earlier in this thread). For the community participating, maaaaaybe... 👀
  • LexiaLexia Community Manager Posts: 1,128
    SJC said:
    Who is the best  among you in GW and challenge ? Does he/she reach round 80 and can he/she play without red gas island 20 ? :smiley:
    At the moment I would say Fluxxx is the best (hope they won't see this comment 😄)
  • FluxxxFluxxx Community Manager, Staff Posts: 1,114
    Ragnaroek said:
    1. Are there plans to entirely rework the outpost mode or delete the old one and introduce a new one ?
    Outpost is an useless, not very fun game mode at the moment...

    2. Are there plans to rework the Support:
    Shiva and Commonwealth armor since both are very very useless ?

    3. Are there more plans to adding features where I can make my survivors stronger ?

    4. Mercer is the most Overpowered character in the game. It's easy mode if you have him at 5 pink stars.
    Are there any plans to make the game more challenge again and or make other Heroes more better ?

    I don't understand why there are only arround 8- 10 very usefull heroes...
    If someone is new to the game, they practically only need SMY or SPY to be good and score high in the whole game.
    If other heroes would be like Sasha, New Carol Hunter, Mercer etc... many people would or could invest in those which means more revenue for the company.

    1. We don't have a definite answer for this, but I would say that is not to be expected this year.

    2. We're open to iterating these, like we are with traits. But I'd just note that with these, we always want to give it time to see how a trait/support/hero/etc. end up fitting into how players play. For each one of these, there's usually a range of selections for players, and not everything is for everyone. We may choose to iterate something to tailor it to a specific use, e.g. fit into the gameplay of specific types of players. 

    3. Not sure if you mean regular survivors - if yes, then yes :) We do add in survivor traits, weapons, occasionally run the Charged Survivors event, etc. 

    4. This is never out of the question - the question is most often regarding how we can make it more challenging, without adding frustration to other players who may not have their heroes fully upgraded.

    It's worth noting that just a year ago, the game was all about melee classes. This balance has obviously shifted very heavily the other way now, but the game is constantly evolving and it won't stay the same forever. We're always open to listen to your suggestions on how you believe the balance could be shifted, so please feel free to put up ideas on the forum :) 
  • FluxxxFluxxx Community Manager, Staff Posts: 1,114
    Who is the last person to come out of sauna when you have the company sauna evenings?
    We haven't ran such a competition, but the Finns on the team definitely win out on this one, specifically one of our programmers. 
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