Standard Team Roster?

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Hi guys, I am still a noob in this game, my survivors are around level 10-11. Regarding farming missions, be that exp or supplies (I rarely do supplies but that's another issue), what would you say your usual team is? Right now I do not have the Assault class yet, so I am running Hunter/Shooter/Warrior. I am on episode 9, no history missions done there yet, and so my survivors' levels are in line with what the game says is required. Do you have any team setup suggestions for now or soon?



  • PapacasPapacas Member Posts: 416
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    Hunter/Assault/Warrior and Hunter/Assault/Shooter are my two favorite groups.
    I use several different combo's depending on the situation though. That's really what you need to be focusing on 'what works well for this map?' Then tailor your group for the map.
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    Thanks for your input. I am now trying 2 hunters and 1 warrior and so far it has been great too. Warrior seems so much fun, although a bit banzai style. Assault i will have to try it out when i get them available
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    For farming xp, many maps work best with 3 hunters. Just keep knocking those brainless walkers down until they get too high in level.
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    I'm a Shooter, Shooter, Hunter fan. It depends on the weapons you are able to get and level up. I'm getting close to getting an Assault leveled up with a good weapon to make a regular in my rotation.
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    Well as far as i have played so far, and mind you my survivors are all level 11 only, which is max for me now, i have found hunter/hunter/warrior to be my fav combo so far. I do like the shooter as well but for now warrior helps my hunters more. When walkers come in too close, warrior can deal with 2+, whereas shooter canonly nail 1/2, even though he can do it from further away thanthe warrior. Also, warrior is better for those challange missions where you have to open something for several turns, since he is a bit tougher.

    But yes, it is all about mission type, personal preference and what weapons and survivors you get to pick along the way. I wonder if the assault can perform well supporting the hunters too? I guess i have to wait a bit and see. I am at the last mission at episode 9 so soon i will get them, if i remember well. I want to level up my council and trainning grounds first, before i move to the next episode though.

    Cheers and thanks for your inputs
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    It depends on your survivor roster. Im using hunter shooter shooter mainly because i dont have any other good hunter and i got 2 awesome legendary shooter.. but if there are too many walkers like what we have in challenge now, im using my backup assault..

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    @Papacas I use either the 2 Hunter/Warrior combo like you, or 1 Hunter/2 Warriors. I was running 1 Hunter/Warrior/Scout up until Ep 9, but really liked having 2 attacks that a charged Warrior can do. I've been using the 1 Hunter/2 Warrior on raids. Which works quite well.

    It was mentioned, use what works. Not all missions will work with a "standard" team.
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    I prefer Hunter/Shooter/Warrior.

    While a second hunter could fill in for the shooter, there are plenty of times where I can't afford a "bodyshot" and my shooter delivers a much bigger punch, even if it is only to a single target. Also, shooter can take much more of a beating than Hunter can.

    Get an increased arc weapon for your warrior and the can drop 5 walker per swing (in right formation)
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    Well all good tips and I thank you for it. My only legendary survivor is a 13 max Shooter, so I might as well consider taking out an epic Hunter for the Shooter. I am now maxing my Warrior's weapons and Shooter is next. I have to recheck my Shooter's weapons to see if I have a good one with wider range as trait...
  • KermytKermyt Member Posts: 37
    This is my typical loadout. Works for me thus far, now upgrading weapons store to increase their guns
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    Nice! Don't you get too many walkers respawn because all of them shoot?
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    I use the same roster also, Shooter, Assault and Hunter, the vast majority of the time, other than when quests specify use all Bruisers or certain missions which lend themselves to others, such as Car Crash and Death Trap in the current challenge. In the former, I am going two or three assaults (with a warrior sub for third spot) and the later, was going three assault, but with higher levels, one assault with a couple of shooters with interrupt. May need to adjust it again. In terms of the walkers spawning/being attracted by gunfire, I have not found it an issue to the extent that I would change my roster.
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    Thanks again for the advise. I did unlock the assault class yesterday but i am saving my 120+ phones for one of those bonuses regarding getting new survivors. Not sure if i should wait for extra legendaries or higher new survivor levels. Do note that i am talking out of my head, for i never witnessed any of those bonuses, still a noob!
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    If I'm farming exp, I do what has been said before - ranged and keep knocking them down until I see level 20s (my average team is 16).
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    Hunter x2, bruiser
    Great crowd control for kill farming. Sadly i am about at the point where i am outgrowing the only bruiser ive ever pulled. We will miss you audry.
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