New Hero and Special Weapon: Kelly and Slingshot

BenjaminTBenjaminT Member Posts: 274
I can’t do all the clever and impressive art which others do for their suggestions so hopefully everyone can use their imagination and that way it can look however anyone might think is cool.

Make her a scout, like a melee version of Yumiko. Some kind of LT which initiates other melee heroes attacking her target. Don’t know what to call it because I can’t think of any of her cool lines from the show.

Also release a scout weapon with a ranged normal attack. Kelly’s Slingshot. Probably Silver Tactical or Destructive, Gold Luck and Gold Cripple. Charge attack could be called ShatterShot, or something. Instead of hitting a single target it damages all enemies adjacent to the main target. As it’s only a slingshot 4 tiles seems plenty, it’s a ranged melee weapon so range should be a lot less than actual ranged weapons, otherwise she’s a shooter! Basically a mix of Winter Bow and Pulveriser, but with shorter range.

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