Profanity in Game



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    So how about this? :smiley:
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    Haha that's great.

    But seriously, you see worse written on a bathroom stall. Should we ban pens from McDonalds?
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    OP? P-uh-lease... Don't you have more important things to do? :\
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    The mods have it right here , +17 game. If youre that sensitive and you think youre kid has never heard a swear word dont let him play an ADULT game , i dont even understand how this is a serious thread.
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    akaalias said:

    Changed my Outpost toons to No TradeGoods Available. Ya think that'll stop raiders?

    Good point.
    I think I'll name my three;


    What do you think?
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    I named mine fu** yo Couch
    Sorry if your kid sees I am really not. The game has a Mature rating.
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    Hi All:

    If you think this is bad, do NOT let your kid read TWD comics, especially after Negan gets on the scene!
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    @PapaSmurf now I am going to get the comic! Thanks papa
    yay Z Nation trailer now out for new season!
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    Episode 100 is when Negan shows up.
    I like Zombies!
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    Before outposts unless u were purposely posting screenshots on Facebook,forums or texting apps with your friends or team other players couldn't even see or know what others were naming their players, I themed my survivor names for each type of survivor & to some people a few of them not all may be deemed offensive but I'm not going to go around & double check & change some of my player names just because now that with outposts other players might see them, I'm sure the above posted names isn't the worst thing a child might see or hear in their life & as inappropriate as it may be & not very original I may add lol, it's not going to mentally scar them for life. If young kids are going to play internet games them & their parents need to be aware of some of the things they can & will be subjected to that the developers of any of these games can't control everything & it's not their fault, but obscene names is the least of people's worries when in all sorts of games you think would be " harmless" you will find people in global chats verbal abusing others, giving out personal info, promoting gay/ straight sex chat with adults or minors, people masturbating on web cams when trying to play a friendly game & much more etc, & unfortunately there's a world of sickos out there that will abuse & exploit any possible venue they can find out there & ruin it for the good people who just want to play a game in peace but all u can say to that is " welcome to the Internet" as it will never stop & some people obviously have nothing better to do & you really need to take the good with the bad as the words suck my d**k is pretty tame to many of the other things I'm sure they will come across in life, on tv or movies, in games, the Internet or in general unfortunately
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    So people killing people is more acceptable than anything sexually related? No wonder we're in a zombie apocalypse... But back before this apocalypse started there was this rating system for movies that had NC17, like Showgirls (1st movie with that rating) which generally meant strong sexual themes, violence, and NO CHILDREN under 17... Would you have sent your kids to that movie? no? then don't let them play a game with the same rating if you don't want them potentially exposed to stuff like this.
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    I think this is just a stupid excuse because the guy with the inappropriate name beat dude in outposts , so he makes up a kid and tries to get him banned lol
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    @Itsfoxy tap their name then change it

    Wow, I did not know this. Every one of my survivors are now named Rahle
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    I can confirm a profanity filter is coming. I'm more concerned about hate speech than the odd swear word (the game is 17+), but nevertheless.
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    those names are "child's play" compared to the names I have seen on the game!!! I had to do a triple take with some lolol
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    Haha sorry but that's is the first fun thing about this outpost b.s
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    @OldGoth your kidding right? All the real issues with the game and your working on a profanity filter?

    Lol I have a friend in another game called Ufauker....think I might use some of his words...

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    OldGoth said:

    than the odd swear word.

    So normal swear words are okay then, just the odd ones that are prohibited?

    (Sorry, I could not resist. I am giving myself a time out and heading to the corner right now. :) )

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    @OldGoth trying to bring it down to a pg rating? Now gonna control what people can name their own survivors. That's messed up.
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  • Don't worry about the bad names on people's survivors, have you heard a 12 year old talk? My occasional F bomb is nothing compared to things kids say.
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    tammy said:

    @OldGoth your kidding right? All the real issues with the game and your working on a profanity filter?

    Game needs all kinds of things (new features, improvements and changes to existing features) in addition to fixing problems. We've got quite a few people working on the game; adding more people to work on problems usually doesn't help at all.

    There is no such things as a "generic work unit" which could be applied to anything. Most people are only a good fit for a few specific tasks, and if they're forced out of that area, they might be creating more problems than helping resolve. So we're constantly juggling people between the different problems and pending feature work, depending on what makes sense for them.

    All the issues with the live game are top priority. Some of them are really hard to fix. In some cases we don't yet know what's wrong, and can't fix, until we figure them out.
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    You all keep saying it's 17+ which is true for the appstore, however on Google play store it's rated 12+ either this rating needs to be changed or some kind of filter needs to be added.

    Personally I find the name choices funny, but they are indeed inappropriate for a 12+ game.

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    Google store sucks at having the right updates and listings for games , what matters is what NG rates the game. They cant control what google does.
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    OldGoth said:

    I can confirm a profanity filter is coming. I'm more concerned about hate speech than the odd swear word (the game is 17+), but nevertheless.

    +1 for the filter. I figured with such a culturally diverse game this would become an issue more sooner than later. Thank You for getting in front of this and doing something to prohibit this early instead of making weak excuses and ignoring the issue latter @Next Games :smile:
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    1+ here for having a name filter.
    No matter what it's rated, I personally would like to see a name filter.
    And I'm sure there are still plenty of other funny non offensive names out there that could be used to name survivors and I'm sure if anyone can find a funny non offensive name, @tammy, you'd be one of those :lol: :smile:
    That was also a pretty good breakdown that @OldGoth gave too.
    I'm Looking forward to these issues being fixed :smile:
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    Dammit I tried really really hard @Nate ....crunched my eyes together...made little fists....held my breath (after I inhaled of course ;) ).... Only good one I came up with I already use for my alt ... ZsGetOffMeeee!

    24 clean but funny survivor names....I'm gonna have to slip in some non-odd profanities I think :)

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    I'm an adult and I don't want to see that either. In fact, if I complain about something inappropriate (for this environment) & it's not taken care of, then I would stop spending money. But you have to report it directly.
    Back from 2016 :p
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    I can't help, but wonder what the heck is wrong with an adult, who can't take profanity. Swearing is part of common language and shouldn't be fuzzed about.
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