Farm Hands Bug



  • JollyJokerIIIJollyJokerIII Member Posts: 2
    Same problem... :-(
  • m3a1m3a1 Member Posts: 3
    Not being able to get back in is more annoying than the broken challenge.  "You can't do this.  ...and now you can't do anything."
  • SuperheroSuperhero Member Posts: 356
    Krieg said:
    Superhero said:
    And why my toons have maxed out values?

    Bigger question, why do you have cookies on Gene?? 🤭

    Because in the first rounds I don´t use supports anyway. Had them on the slot from a older mission played.
  • paul558paul558 Member Posts: 13
    Game wont load any further than this anymore please whats happening 
  • echonapechonap Member Posts: 187
    Stalker20 said:
    Force closed the game, now it won't load. 
    Isn’t it a bit early to already be leading w Sasha instead of Star hero?
  • Mario_RomeroMario_Romero Member Posts: 238
    We're running out of game modes.  :D
  • BloodyChainsawBloodyChainsaw Member Posts: 396

  • Stalker20Stalker20 Member Posts: 1,266
    @echonap I don't have T-Dog, hope this helps 🤣
  • leblancwleblancw Member Posts: 1
    Was playing the new challenge when the screen went blank on the third round.  Now I can no longer get into the game...

    Updates anyone?

  • GripleeGriplee Member Posts: 30
    Seems that bruisers not only stun their opponents but also the game
    Now stuck on this screen 
  • MichelWarsMichelWars Member Posts: 84
    challenge stopped too

    Will the last stand be the next target?
  • Stan_Stan_ Member Posts: 7
    Game has me locked out of challenge. Says challenge ended, so I'm already at 5358, fast perfect finish 
  • Winston457Winston457 Member Posts: 127
    I went to play the Challenge this morning, but when I tap on the Challenge tab, in the Missions screen, a pop up of stats from last week shows up.  It says "Challenge Ended" at the top and lists the "Country Roads Challenge."

    I have one Guildmate who has some stars but it doesn't look like anyone else has started.  If they even can start.

    Anyone else having this issue, or know how to solve it?
  • LoneWanderer360LoneWanderer360 Member Posts: 624
    Locked out of challenge also. It pops up last weeks result when I click on it. 
  • Winston457Winston457 Member Posts: 127
    I have force closed and restarted the game multiple times with no change.  I don't want to uninstall and reinstall if possible.
  • kyfrakyfra Member Posts: 15
    Head on over to bug reports. Happy challenge day
  • BlackFBlackF Member Posts: 48
    I cant enter the game anymore. Game was frozen at Farm Lands and then nothing works anymore.
    Anyone else have this problem?

    Oh wait. Just should have read the comments before asking the same stupid question again. Sorry, my mistake.
  • TulioTulio Member Posts: 14
    Meu jogo simplesmente bugou hahaha!
    Depois disso não consigo mais entrar no jogo!

  • ZhunterZhunter Member Posts: 16
    Blame it on the Russians. Guild Wars now Challenge.
  • Winston457Winston457 Member Posts: 127
    That sucks, Tulio. Hopefully they can fix whatever is going on.
  • iosononeganiosononegan Member Posts: 52
    Which game do you recommend installing?  One with no weekly bugs.  Thank you.
  • RamrodRamrod Member Posts: 7
    leblancw said:
    Was playing the new challenge when the screen went blank on the third round.  Now I can no longer get into the game...

    Updates anyone?

    Same here! 
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