Farm Hands Bug



  • DiElElDiElEl Member Posts: 187
    Farmhands is broken and crashes the game...
  • Winston457Winston457 Member Posts: 127
    Looks like I missed the boat.  The game crashing has caused NG to shut down the Challenge, which is why I can't get in.

  • kvdb17kvdb17 Member Posts: 3
    Farm Hands map was empty, hard close of the game was necessary which then results in not being able to get back into the game, frustrating...
  • BojanglesBojangles Member Posts: 117

    Similar problem here… Haven't played yet, but it tells me that the Country Roads Challenge is already over!?!! I wonder what happened to my 26 round passes?

    When I look at the global leaderboards, it seems like the challenge started for a short time and then abruptly stopped...

    What's going on again? It's getting frustrating.

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  • ionicaionica Member Posts: 83
    I managed to score around 300 stars, then the game crashed.
  • BigBobBigBob Member Posts: 119
    This is what I get.
  • BigBobBigBob Member Posts: 119
    Evidently I finished. :D

  • Julia_LadyJulia_Lady Member Posts: 2
    On the sixth task, there was an empty card in the test, I had to restart the game, after restarting it does not let me into the game.
  • CoolsebCoolseb Member Posts: 185

  • BojanglesBojangles Member Posts: 117
    Hello everyone, on this topic there are once again several threads, please also take a look here...
    Leader of the Kamikaze-Family ✈️💥
    Looking for something away from the mainstream? Then come out & play ;-)
  • BojanglesBojangles Member Posts: 117
    Leader of the Kamikaze-Family ✈️💥
    Looking for something away from the mainstream? Then come out & play ;-)
  • paul558paul558 Member Posts: 13
    Game has just stopped working it was ok up until part six of the challenge then it loaded and just froz for some unknown reasons and now nothing at all and no one knows y but I know my posts are ether being deleted on this subject or moved around that I cant seem to find them nor get any replies on this subject 
  • Singer01Singer01 Member Posts: 147
    Who was supposed to have tested this week challenge for bugs????
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    Its STINGER01 not Singer01 lol
  • Dave321JerichoDave321Jericho Member Posts: 8
    @Lexi @Fluxxx why are there no notices or any information from the NG team about Challenge issues? What is going on?
  • Miguel13Miguel13 Member Posts: 2
    What's happen? I cant acess the game after a map challenge freeze.
  • Miguel13Miguel13 Member Posts: 2
    Whats happen? I cant acees the game :(
  • BloodyChainsawBloodyChainsaw Member Posts: 396

  • CoolsebCoolseb Member Posts: 185
    Thought about it...  🤔

    Did everyone well pay their subscription to Netflix ?
  • leadingZeroleadingZero Member Posts: 31
    Did the Challenge just reset?
  • DraDra Member Posts: 5
    it seems to be fixed now... but I lost all my round passes.. :-)
  • LexiaLexia Community Manager Posts: 1,022
    Hello everyone!
    Thank you for reporting this issue to us! This week's Challenge set (Country Roads) has been reset and a new Challenge will start soon.
    Unfortunately, it means that for this week the Round Passes from the previous week's Challenge will not be carried over again. The new Challenge starts today (August 3rd) at 14:30 UTC, and will be extended for 1 day, until Tuesday, August 9th, 12.00 UTC.
    We are also giving out 7 day Gas and XP boosters, 10 grenades to Players Council Level 12 and above. You can find this compensation bundle in the shop between August 3rd 14.30 UTC and August 9th 12.00 UTC.
    In addition to the above, the 5s equipment & hero upgrades and reduced healing events will be active until Tuesday August 9th, 12.00 UTC.
    We are extremely sorry for the trouble and apologise for the time it took to fix and round passes taken. People stuck on the loading screen will be fixed shortly.
  • BilldingerBilldinger Member Posts: 325
    @Lexia thanks for the booster! But, round passes are incorrect. I am missing 20 RP and I started at round 9 when I complete the Challenge each week.
  • leadingZeroleadingZero Member Posts: 31
    Challenge seems to have reset and I lost round passes.
  • BilldingerBilldinger Member Posts: 325
    As did I . 
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