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Nations United Cup 2022
This will be your official site for guild leaders make your list to find your players here 
You will find your players info. Make a list of the players that would like to be a part of your team guild leader 
Guild leader - Coleaders / your guilds info

N:U FAQ ( frequently asked and answered questions



  • xChris87xxChris87x Member Posts: 1
    Hello everyone I am looking for a team for the community event.

    My stars on average are 4000

    Ingame Name: xChris87x

    From Germany 

  • MarshMarsh Member Posts: 1
    Quiero entrar en un equipo.
    Estrella: 4623
    Nombre: Marsh
    Pais: Ecuador
  • Mario_NMLMario_NML Member Posts: 1
    Hello i'm looking for a Team m'y star avantage Is 4817 
    Ingame bame Mario
    Country : Italy
  • relb67relb67 Member Posts: 242
    If you haven’t found a team follow this line app link 
    and I see if can help you talk to a leader

  • Mackoy1982Mackoy1982 Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I would like to join a team. 
    Ingame name: Mackoy
    Country: Chile
    Stars History: 4853
    Level: 55
    Heroes Level: 21

    I can play on both English and/or Spanish teams.
  • BikerPietBikerPiet Member Posts: 9
    Hi slayers. I'd like to join a team?
    Ingame: Biker
    Avg: 2500
    South Africa/Israel
  • HächlerHächler Member Posts: 1
    Hallo Jägers
    Ich suche ein Team zum betreten 
    Ingame: Hufi
    Durchschnitt: 4000
  • relb67relb67 Member Posts: 242
    Hey guys still time to come find your team for the — or come join and become a leader and form your own guild Nation team **Nations United** awesome community event  this is the welcome link your start to a Nation United

    Welcome everyone. For those looking for team mates to form a team, you can do that in "looking for players" chat

    After entering "looking for players" chat, you can leave this "welcome" chat
  • HananHanan Member Posts: 11
    Hi all! We are looking for new players for our team who want to participate in Nations United 2022.
    Our line-up : 
    TWD e vida Brazil 🇧🇷 1500*
    Sasha Belarus 🇧🇾 600*
    Schnipperson Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 
    Rahman Turkey 🇹🇷 3500*
    Roxarta Russia 🇷🇺 3200*
    Hanan Russia 🇷🇺 2600*
    Viktorius Russia 🇷🇺 2300*
    -11- Russia 🇷🇺 4800*
    Sanechek-Z Russia 🇬🇧 1779
    Owl Ukraine 🇺🇦 1000*
    Cossack Ukraine 🇺🇦 1000*
    Yohann France 🇫🇷 5000+*
    Nigan Turkey 🇹🇷 800*
    There is a place for everyone according to strength and capabilities. We will teach and teach everything
    If you want to participate, go to the what's app chat  / telegram
  • UrsusprimusUrsusprimus Member Posts: 4
    I‘m looking for a team
    - Ursusprimus
    - 5200 
    - Germany
  • jaimesendrajaimesendra Member Posts: 1
    Hola : ando buscando equipo. '
  • jaeggerjaegger Member Posts: 1
    Salut je cherche une team pour participer 
  • MaloufMalouf Member Posts: 1
    French player.
    lvl 47, good team of commanders
    I don't have line, but i can use it

    One month i'm playing again, but good understanding of the game
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