Vigilant or Ruthless for Mercer?

My Mercer is in a team with Yumiko and Princess, with Princess being the leader. Currently he has Sure Shot, Marksman, Lucky and Ruthless. His armour has gold Ruthless and Primed traits.The latter gives a 50% chance to activate overwatch.
Does it make sense to re-roll and try to get Vigilant instead of Ruthless?
Input much appreciated.


  • JordanYukiJordanYuki Member Posts: 487
    No, vigilant gives little damage compared to ruthless. Don’t change anything.
  • BenjaminTBenjaminT Member Posts: 428
    I’m team Ruthless but wondered about ShMY, which is used a lot. Maybe Mercer doesn’t get charged much? I sometimes complete challenge missions with that team with Mercer not using a single charge attack. Fire weapon on Yumiko means enemies burn out 
  • Stalker20Stalker20 Member Posts: 1,262
    I have marksman, lucky, ruthless and sure shot on Mercer and he's charged every turn with the lucky obliterator with either Princess or Sasha, sure shot also helps with the bulldozer. 
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