WEAKend event

Is this the worst weekend event ever?

Most events you can sense a difference... This event seems like business as usual


  • grizzlybairgrizzlybair Member Posts: 4
    Maybe it hasn't actually started in game? But yea it feels same..I would say worst so far easily.
  • Yes it's an event for NG to make more money off as revenue.
  • NichonneNichonne Member Posts: 30
    I agree it sucks. You can use it maybe what? 12 times in 24 hours? And you have to watch an ad which benefits NG more than us.... Super lame.

    I was hoping since they are driving off my guild members with this buggy nonsense that they'd extend the one minute gas to keep us from complaining (worked on me!)

    This is just kinda salt in the wound... "Hey here's our halfway unplayable update, and btw go make us more money to deliver you more buggy content for a marginal reward that's basically the same as what you got before."
  • shabbashabba Member Posts: 452
    At least they could change the timer to 3 hours instead of 6, would benefit them as well. And for me there is no change that benefits NG more, i always watch my adds anyway.
  • snolpesnolpe Member Posts: 93
    I just made a worst event ever post . Than I seen this lol . What kind of bullshit is this . Who is the dickhead at the office that passed this ?? Show us who you are so we can point and say that's the fuckhead
  • Neil_JNeil_J Member Posts: 1,873
    I always click on the ad, but in truth I rarely watch them - I'll look up at the telly (if it's on), look at and say something to the Mrs, nip to the fridge for some choccy, check my phone for emails/texts, check my football forum on my laptop........... Pretty much anything but watch the ad.
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  • CerealKillerCerealKiller Member Posts: 94
    Easily the worst - must be punishing us for all of our complaints during the last week.
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