Rule #1 - Don't be toxic

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This is by far and away the most important rule on this forum: Don't Be Toxic. The fact that we give this rule its own thread should highlight how seriously we are taking it. The reason we are taking it so seriously is very simple: discussion should be constructive and open and everyone should feel welcome here. This has not been the case for a number of months, and is why we are now taking a hard line stance.

Staff members will ban any forum member immediately and without prior notice if they detect toxic behaviour. Our word is final on this.

So, what is toxic behaviour?
  • Directly insulting other users or their views
  • Intentionally derailing a discussion with off-topic or negative comments
  • Repeatedly behaving like a jerk
We all have bad days, and sometimes bad weeks, but if a user or group of users are having consistently bad days, action is going to be required.

For complete transparency, we are not implementing this rule to discourage or prevent complaints about the service we provide, the game itself, bad updates, bugs or opposing or negative views. The intention of this rule is to help create an environment on the forums that is much nicer for everyone.

It's entirely possible to register your dissatisfaction about something we do without ever being nasty or behaving like a jerk. It's also possible to have a hundred page discussion about a controversial topic without ever resorting to attacks on other users. In addition, repeatedly harassing the developers when you feel hard done by will not solve your problem. Register your feedback and move on.

Please continue giving us negative feedback when we mess something up. The very reason these forums exist is so that we can gather feedback from our most dedicated players and make decisions that improve things for everybody. More or less the entire company lurks on these pages on a daily basis, and more of them would like to post here, but toxic behaviour often prevents this.

Lastly, remember:

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