Double equipment storage size

VossVoss Member Posts: 46
I'd like to suggest doubling the amount of weapons and armor we can store.

This way when we have epic and ledgendary items in which we've put xp into, even at lower levels, we won't need to sell them in order to ensure our higher end stuff isn't auto scrapped.

When the outpost update came out we were gifted 3 survivors with 3 slots but the problem I ran into, and I'm sure others did too, was that i didn't have any good equipment saved for them because I was worried about space.

Would doubling our amount of storage really hinder the system that much?


  • SlayerSectSlayerSect Member Posts: 634
    Agreed. If not doubled at least more.

    Perhaps each survivor slot should give "X" amount of extra spaces.

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  • Just for haha's I had a lvl 4 legendary jacket maxed out that I was saving. Which happens to be the only piece of gear the free survivors could use.
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  • LanceLance Member Posts: 568
    +1 for more storage, and I agree survivor slots should also increase items storage by 10 for each slot.
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  • VossVoss Member Posts: 46
    Does anyone know whats the criteria for which items get automatically scrapped?
  • AlibabaAlibaba Moderator Posts: 1,275
    edited March 2016
    @Voss the lowest rarity and level are the ones that are scrapped first. Lower level then lower rarity in that order.

    Ex: 2 level 10 Rare and level 10 Epic- lvl 10 rare scrapped.
    2 level 9 Epic and level 10 Rare- level 9 epic scrapped.

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