Is it dangerous to spend money on this game?

Ok not danger meaning you will be harmed but is spending money on this game a bad idea?

I was searching the Facebook page for guilds and came across a lot of complaints about the game being a waste and purchases being bad decisions. One of the complaints was even a group protest of sorts:

Then when I come back here to look and find if this opinion is valid I come across a lot more complaints. My question: I am still pretty new to this game and want to level up but from players who have purchased bundles and gold should I even spend the money? I don't want to wind up another a fry player who got ripped off.


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    My suggestion: play without spending money until you can make up your own mind.
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    Two things to remember don't eat the yellow snow and studies show that people who are happy with something rarely write good reviews and people who are upset are more apt to write a review. These studies show that because of this, reviews can sometimes look skewed to one side even though it might not represent what most people feel about that product or service.

    Patience is key.
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    There was just a new update to the game to try and bring in a new aspect to the game. They might have jumped the gun a bit and released it with a lot of bugs or didn't know about the bugs. People have been freaking out about, but it will probably get fixed.
    Also, some people spend a lot of money on this game to buy their way through everything and max everything as quick as they can then complain that there is nothing to do. Others don't pay for anything (I'm one of those) and complain that it takes forever to get stuff upgraded and maxed out.
    My advice to you, just try the game and see if you like it. It's free to download, if you don't like it, delete it and find another game
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    Play the game. Enjoy it. Don't spend money until the bugs get fixed. Unexpected server issues have caused data leaks. For most players, they have resulted in lost challenge stars, game crashes, and minor inconveniences. For others, they have resulted in the loss of HOURS of progress. Some people report having spent money, received the goods, and then experienced one of these rollbacks that reset them to a point before they spent the money.

    As a rule of thumb, I rarely spend on games. When I do, I it is only after I have played free for at least a month. Also, I never buy anything immediately after an update. I give it at least 3 days to make sure the bugs are out before I risk real money on pixels.
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    Thanks for all the input. And thank you thebluebox, some reasons you stated are why I made this thread. Did anyone look at the link in that Facebook post?

    I was only concerned that losing paid items is an epidemic of sorts since I am new here. I don't really have a problem spending some money but I don't want to have it wasted if I will receive this glitch and be told I can't have any compensation.
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    I looked at it. I am holding off until after the next update before enailing AMC about a deficient officially licensed product.
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    The only thing I agree on is that NG has the worst support team I've ever seen.
    I don't really see how spending money is a waste, you're going to get what you pay for and if you dont, Apple/Google will refund your money. If the same thing happens a second time you probably won't be as lucky with a refund.
    You spend money on gold to speed up your progress. Other than that, there's nothing really to use money on. As for the bugs, it's normal. Yes they are taking quite some time to fix them (I hope), but it's not always that easy. We're all frustrated with the problems right now but you guys complaining need to lighten up just a tiny bit.
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    No, it isn't dangerous to make purchases in-game. If you've lost something or a purchase didn't go through, Support will always help you out - meant that helping you get a refund from Apple, actually getting you a refund for Android purchases or giving you lost items back in-game. Support tools to help players out are continuously getting better to deal with for example rollback issues, and while it may take a while for the support team to get to your ticket, they will always do their best.

    As for the petition itself, as some of you may notice, it's been started by none other than Wasteland Dan. For those that aren't aware, this is an ex-forum user throwing his toys out the pram because he was unable to behave according to the rules and was disciplined.
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    @MikeyMax - noticed that you had two accounts which is strictly against the rules. Since this is your active account I have deleted the old one. Thanks!
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    The point is you can't pay once some $$ to help you maximize your camp , survivors, gear because with next council update you have to do it again and again. High building upgrade cost and weapon upgrade will force you to spend even more - everything going up around 30% but not supplies or XP farming. For me economy in this game now going to nowhere, ups sorry is going to your wallet...
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    @TK-421 please don't be toxic-it is a legitimate Q.

    @Teeceezy Thank you for your valued response.

    I have,and will continue to spend money-however NG does have to pick up its game.Releasing an inferior product is like us playing 52 card pick up-from a gamers perspective.If I were you Mike,I would wait until your farms are all level 7 min,and 4 supply stores and level 8.Your money will go considerably further.
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    @MikeyMax I combine XP and gold when I update. I am an instant gratification kind of gal. Using XP and gold gets you there faster. You can decide how much gold and XP to combine. Or maybe use my XP to upgrade but if it is gear or survivor that I just have to have right now I will use gold to complete. Of course now that I am at levels that take huge amounts of XP and/ or gold I am learning to sort of embrace delayed gratification.

    Oh and I like living dangerously.
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    Hi! I'm new here too.
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    @Teeceezy With all respect, the support system is flooded with bug issues and complaints right now. When people spend money, they want that refund or items replaced NOW. In another game I played, I spent a decent amount of cash. They then experienced server issues and had to roll the entire game back by 12 hours. I sent in a support ticket as instructed. Two weeks later, I got an email stating that they were still working on restoring accounts. Two weeks after that, I still didn't have a refund or the items I had bought. I contacted Google Play, and they refunded my money within 24 hours. A week later, the game support sent me an email saying the missing item had been added to my inventory. By that time, I had deleted the game and black listed all games by that developer.

    The lesson I learned there was not to make any in game purchases following major updates until after the bugs are out. Life is much less stressful that way.
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