Episode 7 mission 4, need help

Can't make it through past car and dumpster due to being over run by too many walkers. Watched how to video on that site that posts all missions but I have 20 more walkers than him from the beginning. Getting frustrated. He didn't have armored walkers in his either...does anyone have a video of this mission where the Walker count is so high?


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    It is a hard level. My advice is to rush it; accept some incoming damage and just run for it, because the numbers are against you. If my memory serves it's one of the levels where I found a high level assault useful. Failing that, go for two hunters who can keep the area in front of the dumpster/car clean. Go for one objective at a time.
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    The Walking Dead: No Man's Land - Episode 7 Mission 4 - Gates of Woodbury
    Normal, hard or nightmare ?
    7-4 normal for normal version they recommend LV 9 survivors.

    We need more details:

    What attack defense value of your team ?
    What level are your guys ?
    What other survivor do you have available ?
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