What does Radio Tent actually do?

Does it raise survivor max level, or just max starting level?


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    Upgrading it causes initial level to go up. Example Radio Tent level 7 gives initial level 15/XX+ survivors. Tent level 8 gives level 16/XX+ survivors.
    Max level depends on the rarity of the survivor and is usually 2-6 levels+initial.
    It doesn't increase chances for rarer survivors or classes.

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    Ok... Just wondering should I upgrade tent and all other survivor related buildings before I use my radios. I want to maximize the propability for high max level survivors. I was just wondering what all affects the max level of survivors you get from the lottery. I got 120 phones and thinking if I just save them untill we get higher change for epic and legendary survivors.
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    If you want higher max on all survivors then yes upgrade your tent! Only time there is an increased chance for epic and legendary survivors is when there is a weekend event. NG usually has one every few months.

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    Last one was month ago. I hope next one is soon. I want to spend my phones. :P Even tho, longer it takes, more phones I will have then.
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    Every event I have used phones on have only pulled rares. All my epics have come from using them on non event days lol.
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    @Dragonius what does the radio tent *do*? It frustrates the hell out of us :#
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  • DragoniusDragonius Member Posts: 93
    I got too Epic Hunters on last event... So it wasn't too bad. Now I just wish I got 1 warrior and 2 hunters, legendary and max lvl 20. That lucky shot propably requires 100k phones tho...
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    The tent raises the starting and max levels of new survivors. When I had a level 3 tent, my survivors came in around level 4 and maxed around 8. At level 7, they came in around 8 and max at 14-16.

    Now, the probability of pulling Epics and Legendaries is only increased during "radio event" weekends. Last time we had one, I pulled a legendary hunter (named Judith; my, she grew up fast) max 16, a legendary bruiser max 16, an Epic Shooter max 16, and an Epic warrior max 15. Used 5 and 15 radio calls that time. The radio event prior to that yeilded zero epics or legendaries. I used 1 and 5 radio calls that time. That said, I have one guildmate that saves radios and only does 1 radio calls during these events. He reports that he has never gotten a legendary from 5 and 15. All six of his legendaries came from 1 calls.
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    Formula: X/Y where X is the initial level and Y is the max level.
    Upgrading Radio tent raises the probablility of getting higher X..
    And since Y = X + (2 × rarity)
    Then, upgrading radio tent also raises Y..

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    Definitely upgrade your radio tent add much as possible. Esp more rare survivors have lower starting levels. That's not written in stone anywhere but I have always gotten epics 1-2 levels lower than rares and legends 1-2 levels lower than epics. Since more rare ones can be trained more, they all max out around the same. You definitely don't want what I got before I knew to upgrade the radio tent, a legendary Hunter max level 11!

    If you've got a decent team that is good enough for now, save your radios for the next survivor rarity event. We are due for one soon, judging by the past schedule.

    I've drawn probably thirty survivors using 15 radios at a time during the last two events and got maybe one or two rare, two legend and the other two dozen all epic. Pretty good results
  • DragoniusDragonius Member Posts: 93
    Yeah. I guess I'm gonna maximize the tent next. Upgrading my training camp atm. Then I can train up to lvl 17. Then i maximize the tent and then the workshop. What is the highest possible tent level atm? I have level 7 now.
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    Dragonius said:

    Yeah. I guess I'm gonna maximize the tent next. Upgrading my training camp atm. Then I can train up to lvl 17. Then i maximize the tent and then the workshop. What is the highest possible tent level atm? I have level 7 now.

    Max Radio is Level 8, and costs 2,350,000 food.
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    Radio tent is capped out at level 8 right now (with the Max initial level at 16). You need a council of 16 to get Radio Tent to level 8. My experience has been as Soyev has described in radio calls. I have pulled a couple of initial level 11 Rare (3*) with max 17, a couple of Epic initial 10 (4*) with max 18, and a couple of legendary at 8 & 9 (max 18 and 19) since upgrading my Radio Tent. Still hoping for a 16 Initial Legendary which will be good until lvl 26 ;) (Though in actuality at this point a max 17 legendary survivor is not bad since all traits are unlocked, the others will take awhile to have traits unlocked. A bit of a trade off in terms of how long they will go in the game as compared to strongest immediate usefulness. Since the max lvl we can upgrade to now is 17, high levels a bit deceiving. And will be very expensive and take a long time to get to. This last round was about 2.4 Million Supplies for each of council and training grounds. Plus about 28 hours or so for upgrade for each.)
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