Tips for lost data/Rollbacks

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Many players have been losing their progress and data. I will post some tips that can better help you and the support team if any of these occur to you.
In addition to following these instructions.

This should in general help if ever a problem occurs.
Before making any major changes to the game (doing an upgrade to essential buildings, adding survivors, etc...) take screenshots of your progress.
That means take note of all buildings, resources, survivors and equips. (It also feels really awesome to see how much you have progressed over time if you save your screenshots).
This should also apply before installing future updates and transferring data.

When a rollback or deletion does occur take note of the time and date that you first notice it happening and if possible correlate with your screenshots to see how far back the game rolled back and what was lost (it could only be several hours or it could be several days).

When submitting to support, providing as much information as possible is not only crucial, but tremendously beneficial for the developers in finding the source of the problem and being able to fix the issue. It also can help speed up and increase the chances of recovering your lost progress.

Evidence that will better assist the support team:
- Basic player information, level and guild status
- Screenshots of last saved progress and when they were taken
- Date and time the rollback was noted or data was lost
- Items, resources and progress that was lost

In general, this is good gaming practice for all online games.

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