Next time you all do a beta, maybe fix the issues and test before going live!

This is 90% serious, 10% venting. I was part of the Outpost's beta testers, and there were a lot of issues, the issues weren't fixed, then what do ya know it was released live and many of the issues weren't fixed. We've had players that can't play, members leave, and people ranting non-stop in chat over all the bugs. What's the point of doing beta testing and not following up with an update to the beta to confirm you've got things running smooth before adding to it the live global game?? It's really ruining the game for a lot of people. I even get it, you apparently had a deadline since much of the new content is coinciding with the new episodes of the show, but do better on quality testing before putting out garbage that is killing morale for the game.


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