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Sorry For the newbie question, but I can't find the answer.

While wearing gear, what is the level availability above your current level character.

Ex: I have a level 9, with level 10 armor and rifle.

If I upgrade that rifle to 11 while wearing/not wearing, can I use it still at lvl9? And if so is there a limit?

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    Accepted Answer

    If you have a level 9 survivor, you will be able to equip it with a gear of starting level 9.

    Depending on the rarity of this gear, you will be able to upgrade this gear for maximum of 3 levels:

    1* Common: Upgrade 1 level
    2* Uncommon: Upgrade 2 levels
    3* Rare, 4* Epic & 5* Legendary: Upgrade 3 levels

    Essentially, this means that your level 9 survivor can be equipped with a level 12 gear that is fully upgraded.

    You can also read here for more information:

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    If it's answered somewhere sorry and cami point me in that direction
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    Sorry for the newbie answer. Your lvl 9 toon can wear gear higher lvl equipment if it started out at his current level before you improved it. So yes. If he's using it now, he will be able to use it after you level it up. BTW how lucky are you to be able to afford to upgrade stuff?
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    great thanks!! I'm not sure if the afford remark was sarcasm or serious, but since I started playing I constantly have been upgrading something... I also get the most out of my gas by going multiple extra rounds of zombies.... And I also kill as many with guns as possible to get larger amounts meaning more silver.

    So with 2k+ for zombies and 900-1500 for the level bonus it goes pretty quick to pay 25-30k for an upgrade....
  • DramaDrama Member Posts: 39
    The comment was a lil bit of both jason. Eventually the cost to upgrade equips will become a huge burden and you will carefully select what you upgrade. You seem to have a plan tho. Goodluck
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    @Jasondbar Survivors can wear equips 3-4 levels above their current level. All equips have a minimum survivor requirement level on them and this does not change even if the item is upgraded.

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    Thank you for the answers, you answered it perfectly Gabriel!

    Haha alright Drama, yeah I figured as much. I'll enjoy it while I can.

    Thank you guys for the help, I just prefer to ask instead of learning by my mistakes lol.

    Goodluck to you all and hopefully next time we cross one of us won't have to knife the other in the head!
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