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Sorry to say this but this is now 2 weekends in a row we've had pretty crappy events, hate to bash ng or anyone as I do love this game, but are they running out of fresh ideas??? Please start recycling the events that people like again, like radio event, gas event, even walker event or even 5 sec upgrades, or start combining gas event with 5 sec upgrades or something like that??? We just had a huge update & people have been racing to upgrade survivors & new gear with these high XP costs & timers that it seems like 2 weeks in a row we've been ripped off on events, cinema event really didn't seem to help anyone or for that matter nobody really noticed it starting or cared that it ended & now hospital time cut in half??? I'm sure a lot of people's survivors don't spend that much time in the hospitals that this 1 will make a difference either?? For the short few days events last we really need to start getting ones that we can look forward to or get excited about again especially with everyone also trying to grind out double challenges now, please give us events again that are worthwhile staying logged into longer for :)
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  • Rogue6Rogue6 Member Posts: 53
    Hospital event will mainly help ppl farming outpost raids, which is what they want to push. They would rather you spend $ and gold for the upgrades then try and farm the materials like your supposed too.
  • @Rogue6 you may be right but I'm not playing. I don't want the TG rewards from the challenges either. At least give me back the XP and supplies and let those that like the outpost do their own thing.
    Someone wants to raid me, they can have at it. I've got a B team in there that will stop some not all.
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    @Rogue6 I'm confused by your post, it seems like it contridicts itself. You said the hospital event is for people farming outposts then you said the want you to spend money on outpost instead of farming like your supposed to. So why would they give a weekend event to help you farm instead of spending money if their goal is to have to spend money on outposts?

    That's what I'm understanding you to say but I could be misunderstanding what you're saying.
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    Although it might not be my favorite nor the best I applaud them for being very creative and adding things to the game. If they just round robin repeated everything over and over people would complain as well.

    The fact they put effort and thinking is involved in all these events be it good or bad means that there will be loads of new and possibly good content to come.
    but are they running out of fresh ideas??? Please start recycling the events that people like again,
    This is like saying I hate eggs but I like them as well if they are done the way I like them. This is a fresh idea and maybe not my top pick but still FRESH NEW and thus AWESOME!

    I have no hesitation to say I HATE road to survival because they are close minded money grabbing liers who only care about their wallets. How ever this game staff replies, helps, and events actually are new. I don't feel like everything is designed around making as ale or an advertisement. End of soap box. Scopely suck an egg. Nextgame keep doing what your doing.
    When soft cap comes I quit the game.
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    Reduced challenge rerun times would be nice to go with this, I haven't had an injured survivor yet but will be soon, the issue with this event is there is time between your survivor healing and when you can do a mission again. I dont understand why there is an hour to wait to do it again, ok I see they want money to refill the gas, and it's nice that they halfed the price of the gas. But I only buy gas once or twice at most per challenge. I dont start farming the missions until around level 9's are recommended as it's just to boring, so until then I can do all 6 missions in less than 15 minutes. If it's my day off and i'm having a lazy day, it gets pretty boring waiting for gas and to redo missions, wish there was more to do in game. Outpost has turned out to be almost useless, most everyone knows to cash in their trade goods before you go to sleep or whatever, and 98% of the time you don't get what it says. Game is getting boring with everything costing 1.7mil to upgrade and taking forever.
  • DaleDale Member Posts: 1,122
    I like it. I've spend the last week or so stuck on a mission but farming the side missions while trying to figure out what was needed. I have figured that out so I have moved onto the next episode. Compared to the relatively sparse farming missions, these missions of full of nice juicy walkers.

    So I am playing these missions until my survivors die, just to build up the XP. It takes a while to do this so the gas regenerates but they are healing faster so I can keep going.

    Good timing on this!
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    Even doing the higher defense outposts & higher challenges or farming I really don't take many hits so hospitals are usually useless for me, not saying my survivors are invincible but I do have fully upgraded survivors along with strategic play but only usually farm walkers up to lvl 21 or 22 then repeat & do tend to buy a ton of gas lol, not saying that fresh event ideas aren't good as it's nice to be surprised & keep us on our toes sometimes, I guess for me & my style & I guess I do spend a lot of money on game lol, that the last 2 events seemed fairly weak, the cinema event was a bad idea for sure & I guess I can see how some people struggle with a few levels & need hospital healing reduced just think because of the newest update we could use more growth events for awhile like radio event again or if they want new ideas how about reduced XP upgrading costs for a weekend, or reduced tomato costs on build buy 50%? Things like that might help a lot more players catch up or build a more well rounded survivor line up, as I'm sure there will be another update around the corner some ppl might like to catch up on this one 1st & with events like those would also appeal to more spenders like me to actually spend more money & gold to take advantage of reduced gear & build costs to get the most out of those events
  • DaleDale Member Posts: 1,122
    I know I'm one of the few who liked it in the first place but I'm missing the half-time healing.

    I have 7 gallons of gas and everyone is in the hospital.
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