When is it safe to spend money again?

The so called Roll Back bug has deystroyed this game. Can we know when it will be safe to spend money again? I am already in the process of getting my 20.00 reapplied I have tracking receipts. I dont want my money back Ill settle for a credit to reinvest but I want to know when its safe to spend it?


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    No idea.
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    @SmittY gift my iTunes account and I will test it for you. For the low price of 99.95 and 15 free radios I will let you know when it is safe to spend.
  • @Felecia is that offer good for everyone. Sounds like a bargain compared to what I've spent in-game.
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    Google play has a policy you can read. Also I have risked and lost much I am not trying to somehow quantify. What I am talkin about is a purchase made at 5pm ish and spent before midnight then losing 100% of said purchase the very next morning. Getting that one back to reinvest it in the same troubled game is more than fair.

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    @bgbelden - yes it's on special this whole month!
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    But in all seriousness the roll back bug is one of the top BAD bugs in this game. Losing progress is one thing but the huge cost of losing that progress is toxic and that isn't allowed here. No amount of speedy healing is gonna help.
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