Sticky aiming and auto center

blkjack0oblkjack0o Member Posts: 192
It seems with the most recent update there is now, for lack of a better term, sticky aiming, so if you drag your finger over a walker but intend to go to the next spot over, it will stay aimed on the walker until you move significantly away from the walker and almost start over your path. This is super annoying, especially if you are trying to walk to the opposite side of a walker before taking aim, it's a pain to not select the walker and causes easy error.

Many people have complained of the auto center screen added a while back, but this issue adds to it, because it increases the chance for an unintended move or attack to take place, so also to bring up an old topic, there is no reason for auto center, we put the screen where we wanted it, and it blows that we have to change it back every time we make a move, especially when we moved the screen to a specific spot for a reason.
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