Can't retire survivors at outpost when I recruit a new survivor

walkingdudwalkingdud Member Posts: 20
When I complete a mission that ends with recruiting a new survivor, if I have no slots available and I go to "manage", I can't retire the survivors that are at the outpost to make room for the new one. I've had this same thing happen when recruiting with the radio but in that case I can go back to camp, swap out my outpost guard, and return to the radio screen to recruit. When the new recruit comes as part of the mission there seems to be no way to do this. I've been burned twice on this now (I hope I learned my lesson) because I have my worst survivors at the outpost.


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    @walkingdud Ouch! Thanks for posting this! I do try and keep my best survivors at the outpost when I'm not on missions. When I go on missions, I have my next tier survivors there. I am going with the idea that I'll probably be raided at any time. If you leave your lowest survivors there, you will probably lose the attack. I've actually had several successful defenses won and not had any trade goods taken. That's nice to see in the log. :-)
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    I'm keeping my worst ones in the outpost because I want to get raided and lose influence. That seems to be the only way to get matched with opponents that I can actually beat, instead of 4 levels above my highest level survivor.
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    @walkingdud Survivors in Outpost are placed there as a way to protect you from defenders. As such they are write protected from being deleted. If you want to switch them out, you have to replace them with another survivor in the main menu and then delete that survivor. Then you will have space for a new survivor. If you are looking for new or better survivors, I always recommend leaving one slot open before using radio's to pull or doing a 2 man mission.

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  • walkingdudwalkingdud Member Posts: 20
    @Alibaba I like to keep a variety of survivors around in case I need them for quests/bonus stars, so I don't want to leave an empty slot. When I do a radio call, I can back out of it and swap out someone from the outpost, but when I go on a two person mission that is not an option. Yes, there are workarounds, but I still consider this a bug because it should be possible to swap them out in any case. For now, if I remember, I can put 3 survivors I know I want to keep at the outpost before going on such a mission, but it's a pain, and I forget. Yesterday I had to flee a mission right after I started it because I remembered too late.
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    You can close out the screen, switch out the suvivor in outpost, click on the radio Icon on the main screen and than manage your suvivors..... I have done this twice with no issues
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