Regarding Rollback Issues

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Hi all,

We are aware of the rollback issues some players are facing at this time. It is our number one priority to get this fixed and eradicated from the game.

As we are still unsure how the fix will affect players, we are holding off on compensating players at this time. Rest assured, everyone will be compensated for what they’ve lost due to rollbacks in their games.

If you have already contacted support, hold tight. The support team is doing everything they can to attend to everyones issues as fast as they can. If you haven’t contacted support, please send in a ticket through the in-game Help menu. You can find this by going to your Settings tab from your camp. In your message, please include details about your issue as well as what resources you've lost in-game.

We would like to apologise for these issues as we understand how incredibly frustrating it is to lose resources, loot and hours of playing time in No Man’s Land. Thank you to everyone for your patience while we get to the bottom of this.

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