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Hi there,

-so I take it with all the challenges the outposts are undergoing my gripe will find little to no attention, but I just wanted to say that considering the rich world the walking dead offers, I find it utterly underused. Darryl shows up once or twice, and the settings sort of reflect the twd universe - but otherwise?

Instead of making player skins available via purchase, why am I not purchasing Rick as a character - you know, instead of "Ricks Clothes". Or make player models available that look like Rick and the others, and if he has good stats he would be totally Sought after, and I might even be persuaded to by him "his" clothes and rename him "Rick".

I also wish the stories were a bit more involving, - I want to be on a mission and have Rick pop up and be like"Yo, my son is trapped in that car surrounded by a ton of zombies, help me blast our way thru to him, if we make it you can have my kick-ass revolver". - to be fair, I am only through half the game, so maybe there's is more along these lines in store for me, but somehow I doubt it.

I understand this is mostly a tactical game, with a very nice theme slapped on it, but anyone else hear me?


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    -Present me with a moral dilemma, there's two parties in need of help, but you can only save one.
    -there's conflict or even betrayal within my group on a mission
    -someone has stashed a ton of goods in a hideout and won't share *naughty, naughty* - lets infiltrate him and take our share
    -escort people on a mission
    -have a sneaksy mission with no gunfire (slap on some carcass to blend in)
    -I want to do more than "go from side A to B, and open Boxes 1-3 on the way".
    At least make it something like: you are in an abandoned super market looking for a.) antibiotics in the pharmacy section b.)baby formula c.)whiskey or whatever..
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    Wow! I really like these ideas! Or maybe even missions where we travel though abandoned neighborhoods looking for medicine/food/supplies and we get to pick up to 3 houses to search and these house take us on mini-missions once we enter and begin to search them. Maybe we can even rescue a survivor that's hiding if we choose the correct house too and if we do they can help carry the loot we find back to the car, If we make it through all 3 and get back to our mission car at the end zone then we pass the level. How many survivors we make it there with and what condition they arrive in should determine the amount of loot or Xp we get credit for at the end of the mission and since NG is becoming very fond of packing in the spawn they can place spawn for us to fight up and down the street outside of the houses too :)

    This idea puts me in mind of my Wolf Attack idea that was largely ignored as well. It can be found Here
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  • Sounds great, now please get started as I eagerly await to play this new version
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    I just assume they can't use the characters from the comic book. Maybe they don't have the rights. But Daryl wasnt in the comic book so they use him.
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    I would pay for that
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    I like these ideas. Missions that are made that would restrict or penalize gunfire would be an interesting added aspect (I have played through episodes 1-10, perhaps this is in future episodes).

    I LOVE the idea of a moral dilemma mission that could influence losing members of the group. Perhaps a Deadly mission (in story mission?) that you take three-four survivors on and have to decide to lose some (1-2?)? What would an appropriate reward be for such a devastating mission? (Note: this would reflect the "anyone can die at anytime" theme of the show)
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