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    Voss said:

    Mizzy said:

    I'm speaking on behalf of most players that the neglect we are getting on some aspects of the game is just ridiculous. How many maintenences have we had since outpost update? Too many to count, and how many bugs have been fixed in those maintenences? Gonna be generous and say like 2 (could be more I don't know).

    No offense to the forum Mods or any other person that has no direct say or work when it comes to the support team and coding, but the work of those people is absolutely trash, it doesn't seem like you guys have any idea what the hell you are doing. I've played mobile games for years and you guys have beat IGG for the worst support team. Most tickets get answered after a week or 2 if they go answered at all. The maintenance seems useless, you fix 1 thing at most and end up giving us more bugs. People are spending tons of money on this game and rollbacks are not something that will slide with paying customers when they buy your bundles and get rolled back (btw that rick bundle is trash). Sometimes the rollback fixes itself with a simple refresh of the game, most times it doesnt. I purchased that waste of $10 you call a bundle this morning and got rolled back after switching to Line to tell my friends not to buy it. I was pissed off, not cause I lost money, but cause it literally happened right after a maintenance that was supposed to fix the problems.

    NG must not know the game is run by players, or maybe the players don't know that and NG sees us as fools? Hire people who can fix the damn bugs, that's all we want. We don't want new bundles, we don't want an extra event (cause lately your events are lame). We want a fully operational game and a fully operational team of workers doing their jobs. If we can't get this it only take a very tiny group of players to flag this game on both IOS and Android. What you guys decide to do after is up to you, not sure about Apple, but once Google gets on your behind its not fun. You can ask Nexon, the creators of MapleStory what happened September 2015.

    Here is the thing. It's a free to play game. If you don't like it, quit. Don't post on the forums, don't pay stupid amounts of money for goofy costumes and find a different game to play,

    It's just like Reddit. Facebook. Hotmail. Youtube. They're free, if you don't like it then hurt them by avoiding it.
    What a silly thing to come out with. He didn't say he doesn't like it, he likes it but issues with the game make it frustrating. If you enjoy something but it has issues, you want them fixed, simple as that. If you had a car you really liked but a flat tyre was causing you frustration, would you just not touch the car again or want it to be fixed? If he doesn't like the game, he doesn't play, just like with everything in life, you've totally missed the point.
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    It really hit me hard with rollbacks yesterday..
    Sitting on full gas now since that and dont know if it's even worth playing this game anymore..

    I dont want to make progress like mad and then just loose it all over again. And again.. and again..

    This gets really disapointing and at this point i can people understand that quit or simply loose their shit and get mad. I've never played a game on any platform that had so many issues. , And I starting to regret that its this game i probably spend most time and money for.. I cant see it going like this for years, not even for month..
    Sad thing is, in the creative direction this game is really a top product.
    But starting to doubt that anyone who wrote the code has a degree in any computer sciences.. And even if it will never be fixed with all the technical flaws, its still milkable till the lights go out..

    It excludes any common sense to grind like a Idiot for hours, days and weeks for xp to upgrade a weapon and then you probably had it taken away in the blink of an eye..
    And i doubt they will ever do 1 min gas events + decreased gear upgrade time to make up for that..
    And the compensation for all that will be a joke, too..

    (But like the support says.. Hang in there survivor..)

    No i wont! I guess...
    Best regards* Derrick
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  • eetueetu Member Posts: 637

    The rollbacks seem to be hitting iPad2 users most often, but all devices (both iOS and Android) have been effected to some degree. I have been lucky and have not experienced a rollback yet

    As far as we know, the issue is completely device-agnostic, as it is a server-side issue.
  • @Stayfrosty I wonder if you're on to something.
    Has anyone been rolled back that hasn't started outposts?
  • theblueboxthebluebox Member Posts: 807
    I don't know if that is a valid correlation. I know a 20 player guild is a small sample of the overall community. All 20 of us have built outposts and done raids. 19 of us have not experienced rollbacks. The 1 that did get rolled back experienced a game freeze. He had to force stop the app and restart it. When he went back in, things appeared to have rolled back by about 2 hours. He did not collect anything or take any actions. He left the app, restarted his device, and went back in. With that reload, everything wasback where it should be. The issue self-corrected.

    This is a small sample, but it does stand to reason that if it is related to outposts, at least 1 of us would have been hit with a major rollback.

    I think the issue is server side, someone found a backdoor, there is a mouse in the system, and they cannot seem to get it out. All those young techies that want to be like Anonymous have to start somewhere.
  • Neil_JNeil_J Member Posts: 1,873
    Android user here. No rollback as yet.

    *Taps forehead*

    It's the damned disconnection issue that grips my shit!
    On one full tank of gas (19) it happened four times - once leading me to have to close and re-open the game cos it froze on the reconnecting message.
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  • radanielradaniel Member Posts: 41
    Several of my friends and their guild members have experienced rollback too. And the money is lost.
  • jesterjester Member Posts: 2,750
    I got rolled before I started outposts.
  • SandraSandra Member Posts: 26
    Hey, I still have "The Compound" challenge! Collecting quite a few stars with that one. It doesn't have an end date listed. It's been reported but no fix yet

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    @Voss, actually continuing to use the free aspects of the game and refusing to spend money on extras hurts them more. They have to pay for the servers, staff, electricity, and other overhead. If people continue to access the servers and consume their resources without paying for optional content, it hurts them worse than just leaving the game. When enough players leave a game, they can take servers offline (no more electric bill for them) and fire supportive staff that are no longer needed. With the players sticking around but not paying, the resources are consumed without income to replenish.

    thebluebox - I strongly disagree w/your arguments here.
    NML is listed as "free to play with in-app purchases" in the App Store, and likely so for android & other platform users as well. In order to get that listing there must be a path through the game play that allows players who choose not to, or can not afford to buy higher power weapons or survivors to achieve the same results and advancement as some one who does buy in.

    If the additional revenue being generated by in-game advertising sales is not covering at least the basic expenses for NG (power, lights, etc), I would be very surprised. (And there would also be a fundamental flaw in NG's business model and operations if add revenue and likely additional monies from AMC were not at least at break-even level.)

    The in-app purchases provide additional profit for the company in exchange for less time to level up, obtain powerful survivors or weapons to the players. You are not buying the item, you're actually buying less time needed to obtain the use of it.

    Suggesting that players who do not choose to make in-app purchases are somehow lesser beings deserving of disapproval or shaming is ludicrous and toxic. It's also presumptuous on your part to attempt to tell others how to play.

    Implying that their choice in game play in some way consumes resources of the game company that would make less of those resources available to paying players is also not a valid argument. While NML is not yet at a point where there is a lot of player generated content in the game the recent addition of outposts indicates that there may well be more in the future.
    thebluebox[Deleted User]
  • theblueboxthebluebox Member Posts: 807
    edited March 2016
    @Eiron Read my statement more closely. I think you will find that the whole bit about listing was irrelevant to what I said.

    I made no suggestion that people who don't pay are lesser. Heck, I bought 1 costume. I am 99% free player myself.

    What I said was that people choosing to not pay until the bugs are fixed has a larger financial impact on the company than those who leave the game entirely.

  • RicKReaPerRicKReaPer Member Posts: 48

    @eetu I think its an outpost thing. I have not opened outpost, and I dont have rollbacks.

    I havnt set my outpost up either, ive had no troubles so far ( touch wood )
  • VossVoss Member Posts: 46
    Not at all. I've had a few problems and on average it took customer support 3 weeks to even respond to me. And the only reason they did was because I was pestering them in facebook any time NG posted.
  • EironEiron Member Posts: 42
    Sorry blue... :/ You are correct. I'm betting it was a pre-coffee post on my part.
  • @Eiron I don't know how old you are, but clearly nothing good is ever said before the first cup. You really should know better.
  • rayburnerayburne Member Posts: 2
    What really sucks about the outpost is that when you do decide to attack you have to go thru all theses searches,waste all your stash,just to find one that you would be able to do,cause all I seem to get are people's outpost with toons in it like. 2 levels and higher then me the pvp part of this game is not fair. At least give us outpost with toons in it the same level.
  • rayburnerayburne Member Posts: 2
    The pvp here sucks, you have to waste like 300 of your stash to attack someone. All I seem to get are ppls outpost with toons in them 2 level and higher then me how's that even fair. And if you do finally find one u can do it for 10 outpost stash but I just went thru 300 to find it
  • EironEiron Member Posts: 42
    bgbelden said:

    @Eiron I don't know how old you are, but clearly nothing good is ever said before the first cup. You really should know better.

    At my age at least half of my neurotransmitters have been replaced w caffiene by noon. lol
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    Eiron said:

    Sorry blue... :/ You are correct. I'm betting it was a pre-coffee post on my part.

    Rule #1: Never, ever post anything at any time BC! (Before Coffee).
    “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only option.” (Bob Marley)
  • EironEiron Member Posts: 42
    Neil_J said:

    Eiron said:

    Sorry blue... :/ You are correct. I'm betting it was a pre-coffee post on my part.

    Rule #1: Never, ever post anything at any time BC! (Before Coffee).
    I wasn't awake enough to remember that... : p
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