Show me how you raided my outpost!

I don't know if this idea is new but here it is.

As NML is missing a replay how our defense works just share your experience. Pls tell me why it was soooo easy to raid my outpost! I just told @Kappa123 how I did it and I think it's quite fair. Sure, this will open doors but as its all just give and take, feel free to take me as first victim.

So, pants down! Why did your tactic work so well against my Outpost???

Oppinions to that idea? More volunteers? Join in!
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  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,070
    I win with either higher level survivors (I try not to play more than one level down unless the reward is just too tempting), or with better survivor traits (retaliate, swift strike), or better equipment (against equal defenders). I always make sure all three of my survivors are fully charged before I open the gate. I always look at the power level of all three defenders and decide who needs my initial attention. My assault has my highest level armor so I always use her as the "tip of the spear". I keep my hunter in the rear to soften up the highest level defender for my warrior. Thats pretty much my approach. The end.
  • Banger88Banger88 Member Posts: 5
    Agree with all above comments! The charge factor is the most important. Unless you have level 11 walkers in your pit, and or a couple of armored walkers or a tank or two at high levels, all we raiders do is use them to get ourselves fully charged before opening your gate. I have defeated many higher level defenders and higher powered outposts this way. Build your Walker pit and upgrade them. Put high damage or high stun defenders in your outpost. Otherwise, I will be coming for you.
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