Tips for increased legendary/epic survivor weekend

It's finally here. This is not new info but I figured I'd put it at the top for new players.

Friday night to Monday morning is the increased drop rate for legendary/epic survivors. Make sure you upgrade your radio tower and use 15 radio calls for the best returns. As far as I know the level of your current survivors and council affects the level of recruits called as well.

Be patient, you have a few days so if you can get the upgrades done before the event is over you will pull better survivors and waste fewer resources upgrading survivors which won't be as useful in the long run.

If you are hard up for calls you can run the challenge and also use trade goods on gold crates which can drop 4 phones per.

If anyone has tips or better info post on up.

Good luck out there,


  • Passive_MavPassive_Mav Member Posts: 40

    the level of your current survivors and council affects the level of recruits called as well.

    Does this mean if you have 2 or more survivors that are 4 levels below your main team, the odds of getting lower level survivors from calls will be greater? Like it calculates the average level or is it only from your highest level survivor?

  • piffolomaniapiffolomania Member Posts: 145

    Sorry I'm not really sure with that Passive. I do plan on discarding some of my lower level survivors before making calls just in case. I would only recommend that if you have a lot of radios though.
  • gabriel_lwhgabriel_lwh Member Posts: 454

    As far as I know, the level of your current survivors does not in any way, affect the new survivors you call from using radios.

    The level of your radio tent will determine the initial starting level and max level of the new survivors that you call from using radios.

    IGN: Gabriel
  • LoganLogan Member Posts: 7
    I've read that survivor's level is only based on the Radio tent level. You can see the start level that you'll be able to get easily (1-7) for example. Max level is this level plus 2xnumber of stars. So a 3 star survivor that you get randomly starting with level 6 will have max level 12.
  • OvidmikelOvidmikel Member Posts: 965
    You saying this weekend the gold crates will have 4 phones in them. And the higher your level of council and radio tent you'll pull higher level survivors. I was planning on buying some gold but did last week bought radios. Pulled an epic lvl 12 shooter. The next day she's gone they said ROOLBACK. Kinda worried ifi buy gold again just lose what I get. Any suggestions. Also. Is it better to retire your lower level survivors and leave the spot open. Thanks
  • piffolomaniapiffolomania Member Posts: 145

    I don't recommend buying gold or radio bundles either. 6 radios for 6$ (I'm in Canada) not even remotely close to a fair deal also not even close to a 15 call. If you are using the gold to buy gas and run missions you'd probably do better but use your own discretion, those are your hard earned dollars.

    What I was referring too earlier was the gold crates you buy with trade goods (the stuff from raids). I have actually had a lot of success so far getting radios out of those. I had about 7500 crates rather than buy a guaranteed exotic (7500 crates) I bought 15 gold crates (500 crate per). 4 of which contained 4 phones each. Any gold level crate that contains phones will have 4 inside.

    Hope that helps,
  • OvidmikelOvidmikel Member Posts: 965
    Thanks @piffolomania ithiught that what you meant by the crates thanks.
  • piffolomaniapiffolomania Member Posts: 145
    I just got rolled back 24 hours as well. Frustrating. Try to be patient, hoard the radios upgrade base then it is all undone during my brief window for the survivor weekend. Not impressed
  • OvidmikelOvidmikel Member Posts: 965
    @piffolomania man that sucks. I had that happen two days ago pulled a epic shooter and lost her over NITE to a rollback and my council up are I was sick. The way it seems you won't get nothing back either
  • piffolomaniapiffolomania Member Posts: 145

    It is definitely terrible and the timing couldn't be worse. There seems to be quite a few people who had a roll back at the same time. I reported it with the details of what I lost. According to an official post they should reimburse me, pretty vague on the timeline though.

    My guess would be not before survivor weekend is over. Either way I'm taking screen shots of all the survivors I pull.
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