Input needed - spending radios as smart as possible

First time poster - Hi all!

I want to be sure I do this event as smart as possible.

I currently have
Radio Tent level 6,
Council level 14,
Training Grounds level 13
(Workshop level 11).
Player level 37

I will be able to update one building before the event ends. Is the radio tent the only way to go? Do we know how the council/training grounds affect your radio success.

I also have around 275 radios.
Should I use them individually?

Appreciate all input!


  • greneedgreneed Member Posts: 9
    Upgrade radio tent, use radios in 5's. I have got leg and epic recruits from 5 calls, but only crappy ones the couple times I did 15's. You have so many radios, try some with each.
  • I've had bad luck in these events trying all types of calls. 15, 15, 5,5,5,15,1,1,1,5,1,5,1,5,15...... Doesn't seem to help no matter what way I try.
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