Equipment upgrade costs

It is insane how much exp it takes to upgrade to 17, 18, etc. There is no reasonable way to farm for exp. 980k ish to upgrade to 20? 530k ish to upgrade 17s? This needs to be addressed. The game is virtually unplayable at higher levels. Gas vs exp rewards just don't balance. Give us a chance to farm exp please

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    You are not the only one who knows that XP balance is broken after council upgrade 16.
    Devs promised to change it but when... No clue ;(
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  • PerdtinPerdtin Member Posts: 783
    Akartiki said:

    530k ish to upgrade 17s?

    Yeah, I got Rick's Revolver. Level 17. Takes 524k to get to 18. Then no idea how much to 19. I have bruiser base level 15 legendary armor. Bought it along to 17, need 524k to unlock dodge. Even with quick refill gas all the time, it is daunting. Even heavy farming does not make much a dent. Until (or if) the scales change, I am trying to not think about it. Just play, and eventually things add up. It is why I like the two challenges a week, gives me something to shoot for.

  • LadyAquilaLadyAquila Member Posts: 625
    Perdtin said:

    Yeah, I got Rick's Revolver. Level 17. Takes 524k to get to 18. Then no idea how much to 19.

    It takes 699k to level Rick's revolver to 19 and something like 850k for level 20. I was in the middle of the upgrade to 19 when I suffered a rollback. :s:'(
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    Leaving missions playable after nightmare mode will allow farming. That shouldn't be a hard task to do.
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    @Scared_Dead It would be nice but that doesn't mean that the cost to upgrade survivors and eq isn't way out of balance.
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    I actually paid the 699k to upgrade a lovely legendary billhook to level 19 so I could unlock the extra 135 degree attack cone. The decision to "just do it" nearly killed me. It's an awesome tool, but unfortunately now I can't afford to upgrade my survivors very well. It just takes too long to scrape together that much xp. Honestly, I don't think they intend to fix any of this. They've heard our complaints here in the forum, but I think that is as far as it goes. Too many people are willing to pay stupid amounts of money to buy gold, etc. In fact, I sent a complaint several weeks ago. I finally received a response a couple days ago. It was a copy pasted response that did not even address my issues. It was regarding something I had no problem with. That's not a response. That's an intentional brush off.
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    It would also be good if we could upgrade more than one building at a time.
    I've still got 24 hours to go on my radio tent but have enough tomatoes to let me upgrade a storage but it won't let me without finishing the tent off first. Why not?
    And don't get me started on XP!!!!!!!!!
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    I just upgraded an epic shooter gun from 17 to 20, cost something like 2.5 million XP, way too much for the XP one gets from missions or crates. The XP tents are also pretty useless, at least the farm plots give a reasonable amount of cans. I wish that scrapping upgraded equipment would also increase as it does for retiring upgraded survivors, would really help when upgrading new weapons and scrapping obsolete stuff.
  • Sipher07Sipher07 Member Posts: 591
    They need to increase the economy of TG 2-3x, Tents by like 5x and allow for more Level 17-18 Grind Missions....The farms are also not keeping up. There are so few grind maps, they are so boring now they make my eyes bleed.
  • AkartikiAkartiki Member Posts: 143
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    (Please pardon the rant/long post.)

    I don't mind the boring grind maps. Just give an adequate amount of exp. and reasonable gas prices. If i could run 4-5 maps/hr and earn, say, 25k exp per map, i'd take that. 100k-125k per hr (gas refill not withstanding) would give me an 8 hr day to earn the 900k i need to go from 19 to 20.

    This would mean i could afford to upgrade armor too--currently not possible b/c exp has to go to survivors first, then weapons. For me at least, i have enough 17s that i can go to weapons now. Got to get interrupt, etc.

    Some people will say this would benefit spenders more than free players. However, i think it will close the gap. Spenders will drop $$ to upgrade equipment and survivors at a much greater rate than a non-spender can keep up. Spending a day farming puts my survivor/equipment in training so i can keep the queues full all the time. Still takes a ton of time to upgrade.

    Some people will say "NG will never gor for it b/c it will cut down on gold purchases, and NG is all about the $$$". Maybe it will, or maybe not. Spenders spend for immediate gratification. True, a spender can farm, put something in for an upgrade, and reduce his need to buy lots of gold--once in training, the incremental gold cost to finish is vastly reduced. Ex: immediate upgrade of my lvl 19 pistol to lvl 20 is about 4k gold. Once its in for upgrade, cost is only 200 gold.

    Making exp easier to farm means more things upgrading by more players. Non-spenders might then buy small amounts of gold to finish right away.

    But, if NG could remove the gold-to-finish upgrade altogether. Spenders would still have an incentive to buy gold. Or NG could reduce the cost based on time saved only. Ex: 4k to buy upgrade, 20 hrs to finish. For every hour saved, the cost of immediate finish goes down 1/20 of 4k, so after 1 hr the cost for immediate finish is 3800. After 5 hours, its 3000, etc. Spenders will still spend.

    Here's the bottom line: those of us at higher levels are tired of waiting DAYS to get enough exp to upgrade. Buying gold is way too expensive for big upgrades. If i was to purchase $99 thats 14,000 gold. That's enough to upgrade 1 item from 17 to 20.

    The game is rapidly becoming uninteresting and virtually impossible to advance with upgrades. Something needs to be done--soon--or many players who feel the same way as me will lose interest and move on to something else. I'm sure others feel the same way.

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    Exactly. 100 bucks for 1 weapon. I love the show, but there's limits to what we will be willing to play. People will not upgrade. They will just leave
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  • PimpOfTheDeadPimpOfTheDead Member Posts: 654
    I've upgraded 4 legendary pieces to lvl 20 so far & yes this sooooooo killing me lol
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