Allow us to pick and choose survivor traits

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I love the trait system a lot! It brings in unique differences in the survivor's abilities and brings variability. However, some of us have preferences to which trait we think is stronger than another trait.

I wanted to suggest that we be able to change the traits. The survivor just needs to go into the training ground and we'd be able to choose which traits to keep and which ones to be replaced from a pool of what they can use. Of course, it'll come with a cost... lots of Gold or maybe, it can cost combo of gold AND radio?

Discussions are always welcomed!

Allow us to pick and choose survivor traits 14 votes

Yes, Allow us to pick and choose survivor traits.
64% 9 votes
No, the RNG of the traits is what makes it different and want to keep trying for new survivors.
35% 5 votes


  • PutchucoPutchuco Member Posts: 1,289
    I did vote 'yes', although I would not want us to freely pick&choose.
    If one wants to roll the dice, we could pay a sum of exp to pay for another try on one (or all of the traits). Possibly we would be allowed to roll, say 10 weapons into one, where we can pick the trait that at least two of the weapons have. In a way also pay with exp (of those weapons).

    On the other hand, maybe the different traits force us to rethink and adapt our usual strategies. If we would be able to pick all character lvls, all traits, all classes as we want most of us would end up with 3 Legendary Hunters, all with the same traits. This would make the entire trait, class system meaningless.
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    The idea sounds good in theory but now take into account us free to play players. Making it you need gold to reroll traits makes this game even more need to spend real money on it. So now those who send $1,000 a month have a farm more advantage. With the system as it is now it is just luck of rng. Witch allows the game to be played by those such as my self who don't have money to spend on it an still stay somewhat competitive.
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