"Exclusive behind the scenes footage "??

During the maintenance today I had some time and decided to do some vetting of NG. I came across the official press release of this game from back in October when it was released , I can't post pictures on here , but here is a direct quote from the release..

"Fans of the series can also watch clips from the show and exclusive behind-the-scenes materials from within the game."

Was this feature left out of the game or have I just missed where to access it? It would be pretty cool if it came as promised..



  • theblueboxthebluebox Member Posts: 807
    I have not seen any links to videos of the show or behind the scenes.

    I have a feeling that with all the bugs and contractual obligations to generate new content and build the game, that idea got pushed to the back burner until after this season ends. It will hopefully be ready by the start of next season.
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