Y they can't shut down the game...

Hittenyouoff2Hittenyouoff2 Member Posts: 226
They can't shut down the game cuz as I said in a previous post the other day that in season four of The Walking Dead they were making $11 million just for The commercials that aired during the new episodes each week and I'm sure right now it is gone up a lot by then and as you see on that channel you see this game being up all my time with commercials. So if they were to shut down the game they would be losing all kinds of money especially with all the advertisements and everything else that they put up. But if they did together checkbooks like a few other people said and got more servers and whatever is needed and more people to work and fix the game there wouldn't be an issue but doing that lowers their profit for about a day or two and that doesn't want to be done. Because we all know with money things can be done faster in all matters of life and well this game doesn't want to do that and wants to fix it to where they are supposedly fixing it now and just have a wait as long as it takes.... Because they have no problem with us losing money and spending money on the game but they don't want to do that but we do. That's my opinion anyways and as I read and 20 other comments on here from numerous people that's their opinion as well.
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