New here? Introduce yourself!

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If you're new here introduce yourself and let us know your player level and guild name!

I'm James, community manager at Next Games and Deputy Jim in No Man's Land. Current guild: Posse Galore. Come and join if you feel like it. If you have any questions about the game or need some help, feel free to drop me a private message.

Here's my current #1 survivor:


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    I'm Joonas, and I work as the production lead on the game. My player name in NML is also "Joonas". I'm in the Geek Girls FI guild "Nörttitytöt". Player level 22.

    I like all the classes, but right now my favorite survivor is Roz. Still need to upgrade her quite a bit.

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    Hi! My name is Feng and I will update my status when I get it on the androids.

    I'm very excited for the bruiser survivors! I always love the characters that can soak up damage for others!
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    Hi my name is Sean, my player name is 'Wolf' and this is my first Epic Character!
    Currently in the Guild: Zombieland

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    Hi, I'm new here. No pictures yet, but I'm trying to get my survivors up to level 7. I'm stuck on Episode 4, part 5. The walkers are just swarming me so much that I can't get in and out of there fast enough. I've tried killing them all, I've tried ignoring them and just sneaking around and sucking back the damage, I've tried a combo... I just can't figure it out. I'm hoping level 7 survivors plus great gear will help with the 'damage sucking' aspect of it. If anyone has tips on that level, I'd appreciate it!

    In the meantime, I have deadly missions to explore, to gather more food. I keep needing food. Food, glorious food... ;-)
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    Hi i'm Hollywood and i ma new here, i ma i talian :) from Venice....
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    Hi Heroic Warrior here & I'm from Sri Lanka. playing this game about a week now, looks cool
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    Hi all my name is Qwooootz, mad props to the developers in the game, love how you guys incorporated the butterfly knife! I practice escrima so feels surreal when i see the player combat the zombies in game! This is Bill, he was a chef but now uses hes chopping skills on zombies heads! If you need to join a active guild join "Escrimadors" :)
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    Hey all, my in game name is Kaboom009. I'm player level 13 and been playing almost a week now, really enjoying the game! I also have a guild called Terminus II if anyone is interested!
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    Hi Ggrab checking in playing from New York City
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    Hi everyone, in game name is Masamune and been playing since this was finally released on androids. I've no pics of survivors at the moment but I have a rare bruiser with legendary gear that kicks a lot of butt.
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    Just played this game for two days!! Epic!! Pasali nmn sa guild.. haha
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    Name is Joe just started this game and was told that there's cheat for this
  • thunder1968thunder1968 Member Posts: 2
    Need help can't get past military supplies
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    Name's Jerry, you can see my in game user name just above. Been playing for five days now. I love this game. The only thing I hate is that you can't go back and replay missions again (except for the prison). Other than that great game!
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    Hi, I'm Cesar, I'm from Brasil, Leader of the Watchmen, a international guild and I'm the first of brazilian ranking.
    I've been posted some videos from the game, as the feedback has comming, I'll make more videos
    (Sorry my english)
    Leader of Watchmen
    #1 Brasil Ranking
    Sorry my poor english :|
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    I'm not brand spanking new here anymore but I just found this thread and like the idea of introducing myself so what's up everyone? I'm a 25 year old unemployed homemaker from the US who loves good books, good music and good movies and oh yeah I'm completely hooked on The Walking Dead. I love that show so much that I decided to give this game a try and Next Games you did not disappoint, kudos for putting out a game that is almost as addicting as the show. From what I have been reading in this forum even the people who do the most complaining are logging in a massive amount of play time as well and that is very impressive indeed.

    When I'm not watching The Walking Dead or playing this game I enjoy looking for and discovering good music and good food or curling up to enjoy a great Urban Fantasy novel. I don't have any pets because I have lots of allergies and lack the money to invest in hypoallergenic breeds, no kids (cross my fingers) and am happy with that at my current stage in life and a live-in boyfriend that thinks I like all things zombie.

    I'm a very active level 29 that has recently decided to try opening my own guild and am looking for other females or males that are secure enough with their masculinity to help show this little corner of The Walking Dead universe that girls can kick some serious Walker butt too. If you can crank out a decent amount of stars weekly and would like to join me please search in game for DangerousCurves, private message me, or inquire on my profile page here on the forum. I'm really happy with the fact that I have already began to make some awesome friends here and looking forward to making more.

    Stay Alive,
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