Total challenge stars fluctuates for guild; doesn't equal the the sum of the stars each member earns

RokuPDARokuPDA Member Posts: 57
I am posting this as a new report, because the existing thread about incorrect star counts seems to be all about leaderboards. I don't care about leaderboards. I do care that we may be cheated out of guild rewards, because the guild totals for the challenge are inaccurate. If you add up each members stars in the attached screenshots it currently comes to 903, but the guild total is showing 897. What gives?


  • Kappa123Kappa123 Member Posts: 203
    6 star fluctuation isn't even that bad. we had a LOT worse than that over the last weeks.
    there are many things that affect this besides the possibility of a bug. people coming, people going, rollbacks screw up the guild stars too (even though rollbacks are supposed to be over now)

  • Kappa123Kappa123 Member Posts: 203
    we were all laughing about how every member was seeing a different total of stars for themselves and the others and the whole guild.

  • RokuPDARokuPDA Member Posts: 57
    @Kappa123 No one joined or left the guild during the event. We've seen worse problems like you are describing as well. But this ongoing issue is, however minor compared to previous issues, unacceptable and causing people to get cheated. Just because the bugs and issues are lesser by comparison to the incredibly awful recent experiences, does not make them acceptable. Don't let them convince you that things are good because they are less bad. As paying customers, we have a right to demand things work properly.
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