Game frozen on mission 5

Oatcake88Oatcake88 Member Posts: 3
Hello just seeing if anyone can help.
I started the game today and got to level 5 where you open first container think it mission 5 but now game won't let me move, retreat or anything in game..
Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but same problem happens.
Is there a fix anyone knows about ?


  • eetueetu Member Posts: 637
    Can you Flee?
  • Oatcake88Oatcake88 Member Posts: 3
    Can't flee or anything else
  • eetueetu Member Posts: 637
    Ouch. Hold three fingers on the screen for 10s or so, you should get to in-game help. From there send a message to support saying you're stuck in combat.
  • Oatcake88Oatcake88 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for help eetu.
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