Guild Rewards Needs Improvements

Here were my guild rewards from this week...
I'm lvl 27, council lvl 11.

First -> legendary lvl 7 Scout wep + 4 radios
~480 -> Epic lvl 9 Warrior wep + lvl 9 rare Assault wep
~880 -> lvl 10 rare Assault wep + lvl 9 legendary Hunter wep
~1344 -> lvl 9 epic Scout armor + lvl 9 rare Hunter wep
~1920 -> lvl 8 rare Assault wep + lvl 9 rare Scout wep
~2592 -> 8900 Supplies + lvl 9 rare Bruiser armor

The best item I've got (imo) was... 4 radios

With the increase in difficulty, the stars benchmarks got further apart. I would not mind that IF the prizes reflected the difficulty of the rewards. However, from my rewards shown... It's completely random... So if it stays random, I'd suggest lowering the benchmarks so the random rewards are constantly coming in.


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    I'm kinda torn on tiered guild rewards - it really creates a disparity with free to play people/guilds. I'm really liking not having to invest $ each week/month in order to compete, but I'm sure that time will eventually appear.
    A lot of games do post loot posters for tier rewards with specific items/rewards for events for both personal and guild. I like the novelty of random rewards but agree that at higher levels it would be nice to work for something that is useful.

    Reward tiers seem good at the moment, when upgraded council goes live people will be hitting higher tiers anyway so the point will be moot- except for the gas cost.
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    I assume that when we get in-game Guild Ranking, that there will be extra rewards given to place on the leaderboards.
    It would be appreciated if, as the levels get harder, that we would get better individual rewards to help push us the little bit harder. Or, alternatively after you reach 100 personal stars, the rewards gaps are tiered smaller. For example
    100 stars - reward
    150 stars - reward
    175 stars - reward
    200 stars - reward
    215 stars - reward
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    What I have noticed is that the chests/crates give me the best stuff as the missions get harder. Last challenge and this I've gotten gear for lvl 13-15 survivors, which I can't use at the moment, but it's nice to Know it's there :)

    The personal/guild rewards are average at best.

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    Yeah i agree with @WastelandDan. At 4224 i got like a level 11 rare rifle and a level 11 rare piece of bruiser gear. I scrapped both of them and got like 6,7k experience points. Seems like a bad reward for 4224 stars in total, which is quite the achievement.
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    I agree. The rewards aren't that great.
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    The guild rewards are tied to your overall level, and not to the star tiers. You should get level 12 equipment if your level is 32 or higher.

    You'll get the same rewards from earning 30 stars that you would get from 210. They only benefit you get from going for more stars is getting more chances at equipment you want. That and climbing on the leaderboard of course.

    Like mentioned earlier in the thread, the equipment you get from chests will get better as the levels get harder.
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    Rewards should be tied to your level. I am level 35, right now i'v made 190 stars this week challenge, but still getting weak rewards like weapon max level 14. This have to be fixed as soon as possible.
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    It's understandable that equipment are based on your Player level, but what's bugging me is the fact that the rarity of the equipment is not better or higher level is even a guarantee as we increase in stars. I'm still getting majority level 9 items, where my workshop can already upgrade lvl 11 -> 14 equipment.
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    Really need improvement of the guild prize and even in solo when collecting a lot of stars
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    Guild rewards have been changed. Closing thread.

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