Mission Car needs time reductions with each upgrade.

I've seen several comments about gas reductions to 5 minutes per refill, and I would totally support such a change. That said, I don't mind earning this change if it were possible. Something just seems off when you start the game and can have a full tank of gas in an hour but as you progress and upgrade it takes longer and longer to reach a full tank all the while you have to use more and more gas per each mission. I would greatly appreciate if the Devs would at least consider the thought of reducing gas refill times with each upgrade of the mission car. I don't care if it's 15 seconds or 1 minute per each upgrade, anything is better than the current situation. Upgrading you mission car to level 8 and having the ability to store more gas but still have to wait the same length of time as you did when your mission car was at level 1 per refill...well, just seems there is room for improvement in this area.
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    I was thinking of linking gas refill time to player level. Maybe reduce 1 minute for every player level with an eventual 5 minute ending points.

    Level 1-10= 10 min
    Level 11-20=9 min
    Level 21-30=8 min
    Level 31-40= 7 min (This is where I would be)
    Level 41-50=6 min
    Level 51 + =5 min

    I don't think we can hit level 51 yet, but with council and other building levels increasing (along with higher level characters being introduced), it seems that we will eventually get there.

    @Alibaba What do you think?
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    But then not so many people will spend - and thus need to buy - gold.


    But personally, I think it's an excellent idea.
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