Just past 180 stars personally no trade goods reward!

GrinchGrinch Member Posts: 151
So yeah, I was at 179 stars. Completed a mission with 3 stars earned, puts my total to 182. But no trade goods reward. So do you think I'm gonna go for 240 if your aren't rewarding us anymore?
Nice update! No improvements in anyway for higher level players...
We've overpaid for buildings and now everyone else gets then cheaper? How is that fair to those who have already paid high price and everyone else gets it for less.
Common sense is not a job requirement at NG is it?


  • eetueetu Member Posts: 637
    Did you get the one at 140?
  • GrinchGrinch Member Posts: 151
    Yes but that was before update. Once update was done and multiple maintenances where all done, unless there is another one later...
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