Little help from rollback

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I had been hit with 2 rollback issues which had delay my progress especially during the update and during my last login so hopefully this will help.
I usually take a screen shot before any update is made/event/sleep because it shows the support staff my progress from this game.
Yes I know the support staff does takes at least 2 week to correct your rollback issues but as long as you got proof of your progress it will definitely help.
In addition, I always respond back informing the support staff that I am still playing the game while they take care of my rollback issues just to make sure that I am compensate for my rollback issues.
Always take a pic of your legendary characters
Hope this help


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    @blaher86 Moving your thread to Game issues. Have you send tickets for your rollbacks and when did they occur? Providing screenshots is always helpful.

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    @Alibaba, I have sent two ingame problem reports, I have sent problem reports using the link here, it's been 10 days and I have not gotten any response other than the form letter everyone got the day of the spring gift last week (and email responses telling me someone will be getting back to me and no one has...)

    I lost a full level and three survivors due to the rollback issue last week, and the same night, I lost my top 3 survivors because of the reloading/reconnect problem (along with a boatload of resources: gold, supplies, Xp, etc)

    I have been twiddling my thumbs for the past 10 days waiting for someone to respond to bot h of my trouble tickets
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