Suggestions to improve overall gameplay and better ingtregate outposts!

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It strikes me outposts are still being ignored by most, and will continue to be even after the recent changes (when they come live).

This for a number reasons, the current challenge star schedule (and lack of time) being one of the main ones.

Some others involve the now very poor rewards from a raid (in terms TG).

so some ideas :

- -You've had plenty of suggestions on reducing the challenge schedule a bit, and also ensuring you have no challenges when your doing upgrades.

- You've also seen the suggestions relating to reducing GAS times, however perhaps if you reduced gas times a bit now you've increased walker levels there wouldn't be so much endless star gathering opportunities, and people would hit the limit of stars and still have some time for XP farming and out posts etc. (i thought 5 mins worked well, but if you think that extreme why not try 7.5 min for a while)

- Regards the rewards for raids, easy one and that is MAKE everyone always cash in there TG reward crates, dont make it optional, auto update their totals rather than getting people to claim / redeem them. i know you sometimes get the claim reward box pop up but if you quit out you can ignore the box and not claim. Given most people are saving TG for something nice like epic or ledge crate immediately you'll find more people with more TG stocked up and better rewards available from rades. (just make sure the SHIELD WORKS) so they don't get constantly plundered)

- XP always remains the main issue with regards upgrades and I know you've said youve got plans, but another way (when combined with above) to make outposts more appealing is to include XP as a TG crate option (like you had in beta), that certainly makes TG's even more valuable. I know youve mentioned your looking at "exciting changes to xp) but this is a pretty simple way of opening up more available XP.

- Now and perhaps more complicated i would still like to see one the star challenges binned of and perhaps replaced with some form of outpost guild challenge, (however also ensuring you do keep a minimum day off from all challenges in the schedule), that would also make them a littl emore used.

just some thoughts on someone who seen a few things..
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