Another bug and rollback Won't even connect which I just noticed took a pic as well n just sent itin

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This is now the 2nd time I got screwed over and I didn't even get compensation for the 1st time yet which is suppose to be alot. Now it happened again for the 2nd time.... So I'm extremely aggravated with this game now and either fix it or give me ALL my money back cuz this is now ridiculous that this happened another time. I've used money while leaving waiting for the conversation and I was supposed to get which was extremely amount. And now it is happened again it won't even connect and it even shows on the screen. I even one under social to try and connect and sometimes it will and sometimes I just noticed it was low I even one under social to try and connect and sometimes it will and sometimes I just noticed as well... THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED AS THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM!


  • Hittenyouoff2Hittenyouoff2 Member Posts: 226

    Shows I lost everything as I wasn't even connected again!!!!
  • Hittenyouoff2Hittenyouoff2 Member Posts: 226

    Shows I'm connected but it's a issue as I lost everything I had once again....
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    @Hittenyouoff2, did you not get gold you purchased?

    If so please read the FAQ on gold purchase.

    Excerpt provided below:
    I didn't get my Gold or Bundle! (Apple)
    Sometimes your Gold may take a while longer to arrive on your account.
    This is often due to a delay along the road between your Credit Card provider and the vendor, Apple in this case.

    If you have waited 24 hours and your purchase still hasn't arrived, please contact us. In order for us to swiftly help you with your purchase issue, please use the in-game support channel in order for us to access the needed information at once. To do this, open up the Settings menu in the game, which is in the top-right hand corner of your Camp and then push Help. After this, you should be able to find the Contact Us button through which you can send your message. Once we have your message we'll be able to look in to your purchase issue and will get back to you as soon as we can.

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    I did but got a rollback right before... As I told them and sent in pics...
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    Also sent in pics of my game had 333 stars but everyone else's showed I had like 319 in my guild
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    @Hittenyouoff2, is this a current roll back issue or previous roll back issue?
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    Edit...It Wasn't a rollback, it was a progress loss due to connection thingy. been happily compensated! Yah! Thank you
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    @Hittenyouoff2 Moving thread to game issues.

    @ggbats I don't think you had a rollback issues. Seems more like a sync issue. Make sure you are on a stable internet connection when you play. Please create a separate thread in game issues so that we can better assist you.

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