A weekend event only for people who spend money?



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    @Scared_Dead I agree with u completely...... If ppl don't want it don't buy it... But at thleast same time I do say this... The full xp n tomatos is a waste... That's something that's really only good during a update in the game itself. For as some ppl or most have everything already upgraded so it's pointless to buy for some even at 3$ for the fact yes I'll get it full but then what? Nothing to do with it at all cuz it's full and no upgrade in the game. They should save that for every time they do a game upgrade on the council.... My opinion anyways only... But even with gas at a minute the challange is a lil crazy when you can only go so high now cuz most aren't repeatable cuz when u have a level 29 n 30 walker like they changed from recommended level 20 where still only able to do a couple over n over for challange stars it's now insane and gas isn't even worth it cuz u can only go so high...
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    interestingly, the event hasnt even appeared to of started anyway, so looks messed up either way
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    I don't see any radio bundles in the shop. What a freaking event lol
  • There it is, i already bought 100 radios for half price! :)
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    Not a April fools joke. But a good way to alienate most of your players
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    Even though I'm not going to participate in this event I've noticed that at least the number of radios of the bundles have been increased (e.g. in the small one from 6 to 10 & in the middle one from 15 to 25). I don't know, if this is for the weekend event only or a general amendment. (This can be answered by NG staff only.)

    Maybe this is the event? Higher number of radios + availability for all?

    I'm fully aware that we don't really have the right to claim for a better event as this of course is a voluntary service from NG, but I nevertheless have expected that this announcement turns out to be an April fool hoax only. Especially after the release disaster of the new patch.

    Only my two cents and not an reproach.
  • "R03
    There it is, i already bought 100 radios for half price! :)"
    Aprils fool. Ofc i dont give a cent for bugs with some content. In top of it NG is greedy lately, i dont like that. I left the other TWD game due to that in no time, even though i was in top50.
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    Lightfeet said:

    Maybe this is the event? Higher number of radios + availability for all?

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    Twice more still isn't perfect event. Triple more would sounds better
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    This is an event in the same context as an outbreak of flu is - and equally as welcome.

    Are NG really so callous as to release a paying event in the light of the recent update cock-up?
    Last time, the maintenance was not so long, and they bent over backwards to compensate.
    What gives??
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    Not sure if it is a joke or not, if it is it's kinda in poor taste.
    l like this game, the weekend events are fun, prob the best part about it, even if this is a joke we are losing out on special event playing time.
    The one we had with the 5 min re-fills and selling stuff bonus was awesome and l for one spent much more time playing than usual, which l assume is the point.
    To copy the title of a thread just below.....EPIC FAIL !!!
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    I've spend more than 150 euros on bundles (including a radio bundle I lost in a rollback 4 weeks ago which I STILL haven't gotten back) but the radios were never the reason for my purchases. I buy the bundles for the gear and/or the gold.

    In my experience, it takes 4 or 5x15 radio pulls to get a survivor that's worth keeping so even if you bought ALL the bundles -- including the double number of radios --, you'd probably only get one usable player.
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    Could U please Provide some clarification:
    The Bundels comes and go Recently, First The Full Supplies for The First Two Bundles disappeared, now everything is gone. This intransparancy is really frustating for Most Players.
    Could U please clarify whether The bundles will reappear and of so, indefinately?
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    Please clarify two things for me.

    1. What is the usual number of radios in the big bundle i/o the current 50?
    2. What did you mean with "Need an extra survivor slot?" in your announcement ? That ppl are able to buy it for the gold they buy with the bundles or was the first Intention to add survivor slots to the bundles additonally as well?

    For this weekend, all three Radio Bundles will be available in the in-game Store! These Bundles have extra radios in them: Small has 10, Medium has 25 and Big has a massive 50 Radios!

    Still looking for that legendary? Need an extra survivor slot? Here's your chance to stock up on Radio Phones and Gold!

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    @Lightfeet the usual radios in the big bundle is 30 bought 1 a couple weeks ago
  • LightfeetLightfeet Member Posts: 1,062
    @Poppy You're not forced to participate in this event. Simply keep on playing as usual...

    @PimpOfTheDead Thanks! Was only to satisfy my curiosity. ;)
  • eetueetu Member Posts: 637
    1. ****OfTheDead already answered
    2. It means you can buy the slot with the gold
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    I have to agree that this Event took completely different way of pleasure.
    I understand that NG need to make profit especially now when recently was a lot of refund from Apple and Google Play regarding last issues.
    But why it has to be a cost of ours weekend events? You offered again first cheap bundles - which is great decision. Many ppl bought it I'm sure.
    Just make in game shop more flexible. More special offers, more different bundles.
    You really need to hire good person from marketing because now it's look really poor.
  • LightfeetLightfeet Member Posts: 1,062
    @limeyjohn Please have a look at my earlier post of today. I'm as well not happy with the event and I'm not going to buy one of the offered bundles. Maybe we only are spoiled from 1 Minute gas refill and spring events of last weeks...
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    Lightfeet said:

    @limeyjohn Please have a look at my earlier post of today. I'm as well not happy with the event and I'm not going to buy one of the offered bundles. Maybe we only are spoiled from 1 Minute gas refill and spring events of last weeks...

    sorry mate, just read it, but l do like being spoiled :)
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    I spend a fair amount on radio bundles already myself & completely agree that it's not the greatest idea for an event since if ppl notice they offer them every couple days anyways periodically through the day & believe they put an 8hr time limit on purchasing them at the least & sometimes longer, the only difference is these 1s are all offered at the same time with 5 to 20 radio bonus, with radio packs it's not the fact that they offer radios but the med bundle will give u 200 gold more & the lg will give u 1500 more gold then if u bought the gold out right from the store minus the radios for the exact same price & that's more what players are looking for is a bang for their buck on gold to spend on extra gas,healing, slots etc & not so much the radios as we just had a radio event recently anyways & can't see another 1 happening soon. With that said I see why non spenders would be upset with events like these as I'm sure a lot of them look forward to the weekend events like 3x XP or gas event etc as this gives them their opportunity to try & grow a bit faster & try to catch up & compete with the premium players & being that they can't do that this weekend they feel left out & frustrated that they're now going to fall even further behind then us premium players especially with all the new updates & since events only happen for a few days on the weekend they're hoping for something that can give them an advantage when they enjoy the game but can't afford to spend.
    As much as I think NG should have did something to appease both sides & maybe done like 5 sec upgrades or something again to go along with the gold people are purchasing this weekend to give non spenders something out of appreciation for their effort, all in all ng is still a business & it is the pay to play players that keeps games like this alive & going with all the new updates & content so they're pretty much going to do what they want & always find & be looking for angles which will make them the most profit in the end, but without the free players games like this wouldn't have such a huge participation & fan base either as without the social aspect & players making so many new contacts & frienships throughout the game & forums they would also get bored quicker & im sure the game wouldn't be so successful & probably be a ghost town quicker, so there's always both sides to every coin that should be catered to
  • @Amiga: i think they reoffered the cheap bundles due to a bug. It was not intentional.
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    Damn it ;) I thought that NG finally made a good decision....
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    @R03 then why can everyone who has paid for the bundles in the past still are able to buy the bundles again & only certain people they were there & then disappeared?
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    so it wasn't an April fools joke after all :/

    hand it over.. your shit now belongs to N(e)G(an)
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    Yep this is still an April Fools joke....and the joke is all on us. It is actually a good one, they want us to spend money on phones that we use to pull a bunch of worthless survivors.

    How much you give is your own choice
    But to me it is the difference between a Porsche and a Rolls Royce
    I want you to make it hurt when you dig into your pocket
    'Cause it makes me feel so good to watch my profits rocket

    Send me your money
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    moderators conveniently disappear when users are upset. 0 explanation, 0 responasabilty. Soo upset!! 12 hours of manteinance and NG pays us with this event. Amazing!!
    Next weekend event: donate 10 dolars to NG.
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    ...even event theatre was better lol
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