Gas Tank idea that brings the max of xp gain.

Scared_DeadScared_Dead Member Posts: 91
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It would be great if the gas tank capacity is raised to 50. With regeneration time reduced to 3 minutes per gas tank. With all these events it only makes sense.

I've played multiple smart phone games over the years. With the exact same concept. This will not lower the amount of gold being used so don't be afraid NG. You will still have those impatient people who refuse's to wait on regen times.

Also making the gas refills cost a flat 20 gold bars, to refill it back to 50 when empty. This way people won't have to choose rather they want to raid outpost, do challenges, or play story mode. It's a win win for everyone.

P.S this will not stop the whiners, sorry I don't have a solution for them.


  • SpringChickenSpringChicken Member Posts: 145
    This would be a welcomed change. I agree.

  • GonkistanGonkistan Member Posts: 166
    It encourages binge play, but doesn't encourage "more frequent" play.

    they get better advertising revenue from "more frequent" play.
  • blynknzblynknz Member Posts: 1,988
    I think those numbers are a bit too extreme.
    And if yo have 20 gold to refill then they would need to stop giving away free gold.
  • Scared_DeadScared_Dead Member Posts: 91
    How does this not encourage frequent game play? It actually does every 30 mins equals 10 tanks of gas, unless you have the 20 bars of gold to refill to 50.

    Numbers are pretty dead on when you have missions that cost more than 10 gas to play. This does not stop them from issuing free gold. Plenty of games use this same concept and are in the top games played category on iTunes. Them teaming up with tap joy would great also.
  • OndredOndred Member Posts: 41
    Any options to refill gas would be a plus, a higher limit and or shorter regen times would be good.
    Going to start another thread with an idea that includes recovering/getting gas.
    Platinum tickets
  • GonkistanGonkistan Member Posts: 166


    How does this not encourage frequent game play? It actually does every 30 mins equals 10 tanks of gas, unless you have the 20 bars of gold to refill to 50.

    A big "prompt" to return to the game is "your gas is full! Time for another run" popping up on your notifications bar.

    Your solution sees that happen far less often each day. So less "calls to action" = less frequent game play.

    While the sessions would be longer, that's not always the goal.

  • Scared_DeadScared_Dead Member Posts: 91
    Still one the best idea I believe for gas. This idea will have a strong positive impact on gathering xp.
  • whaler213whaler213 Member Posts: 81
    its too much is the problem you are completely blowing up the current system.

    why do you need such a large tank if there are faster regen times i personally can barely keep up when we have the 1 minute event even the 5 minute one was tough for me to keep playing when i have other stuff to do.

    20 gold to refill a 50 gold tank when it costs 42 gold to refill 21 right now? again asking way too much i play another game right now where it just costs 1 piece (or $1 equivalent) to restore full stamina. so 100 gold for 50 stamina wouldnt be that bad especially if you have such a large tank and faster recharges.
  • Scared_DeadScared_Dead Member Posts: 91
    The numbers maybe off, it's the concept that matters not the numbers. It can be capped at 30 tanks. Just giving NG a tip that is working for other platforms. In other games I paid 10 gold bars to refill 50 stanmina. The cap was 100 stanmina but 10 gold would only give you 50. It regenerated every 3 mins for 1 free stanmina. I bought a lot of gold in that game and so did others.

    Some ppl have lives and don't have the privalge of staying home waiting on refills. Even if I did I wouldn't have the patience. Also the 1 min is just an event it's not permanent. This is a permanent solution not an event. They could put more focus on fixing bugs, and bringing new events. Also again; this would fix the xp shortage at the same time. I mean come on isn't that what we all want?
  • whaler213whaler213 Member Posts: 81

    i definitely don't disagree with the concept. the idea of playing 3 side missions and running out of gas is a little crazy not to mention unless you have the maxed out gas tank you cant even play the early level challenges 100% through without waiting for a recharge. the gas economy needs to be fixed, just think your suggestion was a little too friendly to be considered.
  • AoratosArxiAoratosArxi Member Posts: 67
    +1 give us more gas


    G I V E U S M O R E G A S..
  • DakaminDakamin Member Posts: 108
    +1 for more gas :)
  • mcbkhicksmcbkhicks Member Posts: 686
    thats just it people look at this FAKE GOLD & thank its equal to REAL MONEY well its not...20 to refill is good to refill 50....
    500 pieces of gold should be no more than 1 real dollar. anymore than that then that tell u there out just to rip us off & as long as noone has common sence its gonna stay this way
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