New to the game and could use some good advice and direction!

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I am a new player and would love to know some good tips and tricks to help me advance. I'm currently level 14, on episode 4, and have most of my survivors at a level 5 or 6. I don't completely understand yet how the Guilds work or the Outpost. I have been upgrading my two tents and three crops to maximize supplies and Xp. I just barely learned about how to use the overwatch option when out on a mission. I've been pretty much just going along trying to upgrade everything that 'seems' important. Does anyone have advice or know of a good forum link for newbies such as myself? Thanks!!


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    What's outlook? Is that overwatch or outpost?

    Join a guild, build the outpost but do not build the defense yet (once you build defenses you can be raided but build the outpost so you can work with TG) and don't be afraid of deadly missions. Don't listen to any online guides that say upgrade mission car last. Don't make it a top priority but not the last either.
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    Hi @Lil_Poka615, welcome. My advice is to hold off on building your outpost for the time being (but you should spend the supplies to build a trade goods building).
    Guilds is like your in-game home. Guilds can hold up to 20 players that work together to earn guild stars during the weekly challenges. Lots of guilds are recruiting on the Guild discussion.

    Good idea on upgrading the tents and farm plots, but don't forget to upgrade your storage as well. Read through the game wiki, it has a ton of info:'s_Land_Wikia
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    Welcome @Lil_Poka615. I have been playing about two months and have made a lot of progress in the game. Finding the Forum so early will be a great benefit for you since there is a TON of great information and game knowledge on here. I wouldn't worry about the Outpost or a Guild for now. You need to "play the game" to learn general gameplay techniques before worrying about those. Early in the game the scout and bruiser are valuable survivors who quickly become useless later in the game so concentrate on upgrading your Hunter, Shooter and Warrior once you earn those survivors. They will be your primary team members later in the game. Don't forget to spend your supplies (tomato cans) to upgrade your camp. I also agree with @MomofSnolpe, don't be afraid of the deadly missions. Thats where you will earn your higher level gear. On those deadly missions, complete the challenge and get out. Trying to kill that one last survivor could be "deadly". Good luck!
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    Thanks for all the advice. The wiki link is really good too. I think it will just take time and a little trial-n-error. But always welcome words of wisdom from anyone :-)
  • I didn't get into traits much early on but you definitely should become familiar w/ them. When you get to where you are wondering which gear/survivors to upgrade, I like this guide here on the forum. But most importantly don't forget to have FUN! :p
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