Legendary Survivor Killed Permanently After Crash

TheCheesemanTheCheeseman Member Posts: 9
Woke up, Legendary Shooter had just made level 12, upgraded her and took her into a deadly mission. Never once failed one.

My game crashed on that deadly mission as soon as I entered and it somehow killed my legendary survivor permanently. She took no damage before the crash and when I re opened the game she was dead and is listed on memorial. I'm super bummed and ready to stop playing. Any way to reverse this? Like a rollback before 6am? It wasn't my own mistake, I wouldn't write the forum like this and would own my mistake. This is the first time I've ever lost a survivor and if I was to intentionally flee I certainly wouldn't have chosen my BEST survivor.

Thanks for your time.


  • TheCheesemanTheCheeseman Member Posts: 9
    My In Game Name is "TheCheeseman" level 27. This is what I found when I logged back in. :(

  • zbotzbot Legendary Moderator Posts: 6,498
    @TheCheeseman, if you haven't done so, please submit an in game support request.
  • TheCheesemanTheCheeseman Member Posts: 9
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    @zbot Thanks, I submitted a support request. Should I refrain from playing, in case of a rollback or will you be able to just "give" the same survivor?
  • TheCheesemanTheCheeseman Member Posts: 9
    @zbot @Alibaba @Teeceezy How long can I expect to wait for a support response to this? I'd like to continue playing but don't want to lose resources if there is a rollback. Thanks
  • TheCheesemanTheCheeseman Member Posts: 9
    @zbot @Alibaba @Teeceezy It's been another 3 days with no response. What is going on?
  • TheCheesemanTheCheeseman Member Posts: 9
    I see the devs have time to add more purchasable content with all this Negan crap but can't address my support ticket. I lost my BEST survivor to your game instability and it's infuriating. I'm not playing a minute until this is resolved. No more money for you guys. smh.
  • zbotzbot Legendary Moderator Posts: 6,498
    @TheCheeseman, at this point support is the only ones that can help regarding this issue.
  • GlookerjdcGlookerjdc Member Posts: 127
    I've been waiting 2 weeks after losing 3 survivors due to a reload/refresh bug on March 21.... Don't hold your breath
  • DindolmerDindolmer Member Posts: 3
    @TheCheeseman it seems like they just don't care I've been waiting on answers about 3 legendary stay died when I couldn't exit a deadly mission after completing objectives. I've spent a lot of time and money getting my guys (buying radios during legendary radio days) it really sucks. My next course will be to speak to apple or bank about charge backs. They can add new features and new stuff to sell but can't make whole the ones that have lost out due to buggy updates.
  • TheCheesemanTheCheeseman Member Posts: 9
    Yeah I'm done with this game until this shiet is resolved.
  • GlookerjdcGlookerjdc Member Posts: 127
    And unfortunately support seems to be ignoring open tickets
  • TheCheesemanTheCheeseman Member Posts: 9
    Uninstalled until this crap is fixed. Not worth my time, energy and certainly not my hard earned money.
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    @TheCheeseman @Glookerjdc @Dindolmer

    Regarding losing survivors. Sending a ticket is good idea if there was a crash and I have spoken with NG developers and staff extensively on this issue.
    I will outline the current means for support and the possible reasons for why you have lost survivors.

    Once a survivor is killed in a deadly mission it is impossible for NG staff to retrieve these survivors. If you are stuck in a deadly (it is better to remain in the mission and contact support)
    NG staff can look into your account and see exactly when and how the survivor was killed or the team was lost.
    Survivors can only be permanently killed in 3 ways.
    1. By Fleeing a mission sacrificed a survivor
    2. Fleeing a mission with a survivor in struggle will cause the struggling survivor to die (if not selected as a sacrifice)
    3. Failing a mission kills all survivors that were killed or put into struggle at the time of failure.

    When a client crashes on the devices 2 things happen depending on which turn is being taken place.
    If client clashes during your turn, the game arrests at last turn made and will not progress until all turns are made or 'End Turn' is clicked. That is why when you log back into the game the game is usually at the same point in a mission.
    If the client crashes during Walker's/Opponents turn, the game progresses to the point that it is the next 'Your Turn'. Since this part of the game is completely outside of your control, the game automates the moves of enemies (this happens regardless if you see it or not). What you see next is the end result of the unseen moves. Please note: This would be the same result regardless if you saw the events regardless of the game crashing or not. If the raid ended in failure and the game crashed it most likely means that several zombies killed a survivor in that turn. NG staff can see exactly what had occurred.

    That said, NG staff take all reports of dead survivors very very seriously and investigates each case specifically to identify the exact cause of each survivor's death. The vast majority of survivor deaths are due to player errors and/or player's making decisions that lead to less than ideal circumstances or possible deaths. This is a feature of the game and there is ample warning for the possible devastating results. Caution should be taken when knowingly entering a deadly and understand that losing an upgraded survivor CAN happen whether the client crashes, the objectives don't update or accidentally fleeing. In cases where a survivor is lost due to any other reasons, NG looks into the issue and compensates accordingly and this is usually case by case.

    Please see this for similar information.

    Alibaba lvl49
    LINE me: princealibabwa
    Aegis Official FB Page
  • GlookerjdcGlookerjdc Member Posts: 127

    Thank you for the in depth explanation

    After waiting 3'weeks, I finally received some compensation, but it hardly made/makes up for losing 3 survivors to a game bug (see my full response in the other thread)
  • TheCheesemanTheCheeseman Member Posts: 9
    @Alibaba Thanks for the response, I have not received even a RESPONSE from the support team and I've uninstalled the game. I'll take my loss at the money I've spent and I'll spend it elsewhere.
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