Roll back compensation follow up for who haven't received a response yet: As of 4/1/16



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    Which existing discussion thread? @zbot
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    ...same problem here, no Response, no compensation:

    IGN: Demon
    L: 33


    legendary ragtag (base L12)

    started to upgrade the weapon to L15 just before the update on march 29/30...

    ...after the upgrade the ragtatg was gone!

    The weapon was planned to help me winning high level challenges, especially against the Big Ones...

    ...I wrote to the ingame help on march 30 - no reaction besides the standard one until now... I missed a challenge reward and miss the ragtag since a week now and it would be great help in the actual challenge...

    Silver Skill was lethal, gold skills were luck and swift strike...

    ...and I want a ragtag exactly with these skills fully upgraded on L15 back...

    ...and an additional compensation would be nice!

  • SerpSerp Member Posts: 612
    Date: 3/7
    Lost 48 hrs. of progress
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    IGN: Doctor Sam Adam
    Current LVL: 23

    Lost epic scout, 15 phones, couple of missions and some other stuff. No response from support.
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    IGN: My Home My
    LV: 43

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    IGN: Drewfish
    LV: 32

    Lost two in app purchases the rick bundle and the marksmens bundle. please help thanks
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    IGN: Serb
    LVL: 45
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    Same msg was posted in 2 other threads. This is for rollback issues.
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    Still not a single word going on a month now since rollback occurred.

    Nobody inc
    Level 39
    Guild leader grand marshals
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    IGN: Warmonger
    LVL: 44
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    Mod edit: zbot 4/9/16 4:51 am.

    This thread is for rollback issues. As for lost game, please check your thread regarding this issue.
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    I completed episode 10, pulled a great survivor, spent so much time collecting food... Now everything in gone after 10 minutes :/ why does this keep repeating? This was not the first time it happened to me. I get compensated or I quit. Wasting my time on repeating the same thing over and over !

    Ign: UltimateWarrior
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    IGN: Brains666
    lvl: 44
    March 20 - a rollback cost me a Legendary Hunter 17, two Lgn weapons and a great deal of frustration. Message sent - never a reply.
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    IGN: Rick
    lvl: 41

    Attacked 5 times in Outpost by same player, at exact same moment (so to clarify, same attack happend 5 times in 1 second) losing 125 influence, where 25 should be the normal amount lost.
    Several problems in Outpost, with disconnecting.
    Rollback problems with Legendary Weapons (legendary bat/katana) and 1 epic Hunter (max level 17) was lost.

    Sent several in-game requests for assistence but NO RESPONSE, yet ..
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    Closed at request of support. Support has responded to all. If you still have issues regarding roll back compensation, please msg me.
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