Where is this graveyard supposed to be?

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I don't see this graveyard you guys mentioned in the update earlier, also I'm seeing level 18 players but I'm still unable to upgrade my council so it's only letting me stay at level 17. I've been this way for quite a while and can't go any further in the game because I can't go against level 19 in missions. Is anyone else seeing a graveyard or able to upgrade weapons and survivors past level 17? If so what do I do? I've already updated.


  • SwtdstnySwtdstny Member Posts: 57
    Forgot to mention my council level says maxed at 16 and coming soon. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    There are some players with lvl 18 survivors because they got them from rescue missions within the story mode.
    But NG obviously thought those were overpowered and decreased the level of the rescued survivors a while ago.

    And it is possible to beat missions recommending lvl 19 survivors. Maybe you need to find better gear for your survivors or upgrade existing stuff?
    You should be able to upgrade weapons and armor to lvl 20 if your workshop is maxed.

    Some missions are easier with a different combination of survivors so have you tried different approaches?
    There are a lot of videos on YouTube if you need some tactical inspiration.

    I'm pretty sure that the next update will content an upgrade for the council. Nobody knows when this will happen but most updates were published around the 10th of a month.

    Everyone expected the Graveyard to be the next challenge but it seems as if those maps were only added to the existing rotation and will appear as one of the future challenges (my guess is that the season finale may be a reason for the delay).

    Have fun and take care...
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  • SwtdstnySwtdstny Member Posts: 57
    I have level 17 gear upgraded to level 20 on legendary weapons. But haven't gotten anything past a 2 star for defense. The boxes at the end seem to be giving me level 14 gear. Even worse when I try to use a phone. I get a 4 star survivor level 11 of 16 lol waste of phones. Ty for your help I'll keep trying a different combination and hopefyully get lucky enough to get some defense gear. The deadly missions sometimes don't contain any gold or silver boxes. But I keep trying.
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    What level is your Tent at? You may need to Upgrade Tent to find higher level Survivors.. I just recently called lvl 18's with lvl 7 Tent
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  • SwtdstnySwtdstny Member Posts: 57
    My tent is maxed at level 8. So guess it's a luck of the draw and my luck hasn't been so good as I'm not getting many survivors that are worth keeping, or ones that need upgraded from level 11.
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