What does the future hold? (and hold, and hold)

Since this game is keeping pace with the t.v. series, im wondering if any new stages will become available during the shows haitus? Or do we have to wait until - after the next season starts & there is a new location ventured to - before we can expect to see new stages? I really hope not.

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  • masmith93masmith93 Member Posts: 3,512
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    By stages, do you mean game content associated with the show or new levels?
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  • KelekterKelekter Member Posts: 28
    'Story/mission' stages beyond 13. I figure they're gonna try and hold us over hyping the old outpost & the new cemetary challenge, make level 20 (30?) max survivors available, and upgrades to camp buildings. ...in that case it would be the same ol' grind - only with higher level characters and insanely expensive upgrades (as if they aren't preposterous enough already :frowning: ). I, myself, believe that if the game progresses along side the show...progress is gonna continue to be very ve ry v e r y sssllllooooowwwwww........ And although I love TWDNML, I'm really starting to need some development, progression of story, something to work towards - not just sit here and master out every class-only to have my eighteen level 17 legendary survivors I've been working on for monthes-become mosquitos compared to what's available in the next update.
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